Essay on Unemployment in English

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Essay on Unemployment in English
Essay on Unemployment in English

Essay on Unemployment in English

The problem of unemployment in India is a terrible problem. Here about 44 lakh people come and stand in the queue of unemployed every year. Today there are crores of uneducated and educated unemployed in India. The first and foremost reason for unemployment is the continuous increase in population. The population in India is increasing at an annual rate of 25 percent. For which there is a need to provide employment to 50 lakh people every year whereas only 5-6 lakh people get employment. Our education system is at fault for unemployment.

There is a lack of vocational education here. In the absence of practical or technical education, the student remains unemployed after completing education. Apart from this, unemployment is also increasing due to closure of small and cottage industries. Due to shortage of raw materials and finished goods not being consumed in the market, workers are leaving small and cottage industries. Thus the problem of unemployment is increasing further.

Mechanization has also taken away employment from the hands of countless people and made them unemployed, because one machine completes the work of many workers. As a result, a large number of people are becoming unemployed.

Solution to this unemployment is also possible. The best way to reduce unemployment is to control population growth. Unemployment can also be prevented by stopping population growth. Apart from this, education should be made employment oriented so that the student can get employment after getting educated. Development of small and cottage industries is also essential to reduce unemployment.

These industries should be encouraged by the government by providing money, raw materials, technical assistance and consumption of their finished goods, this will also reduce unemployment. Apart from this, employment can also be increased by developing industries like poultry farming, dairy farming, horticulture etc.

To reduce unemployment, the government should emphasize on works like road construction, tree plantation etc. so that the uneducated unemployed can get employment. In short we can say that a permanent solution to unemployment is possible by reducing the birth rate, commercializing education and encouraging small industries.

Easy Essay on Unemployment

Employment is the basic need of a person. God has given us brain, hands, legs, many mental powers, heart and emotions so that they can be fully utilized and man can achieve self-realization. This may be the goal of our life, but if we have no work to do, if we do not have the opportunity to use the powers mentioned above, then many problems arise. First, we cannot fulfill our physical and mental needs. Second, in the absence of work, we will come to mischief. Third, in the absence of suitable employment opportunities, we will not be able to develop ourselves morally and spiritually. Thus, in a society in which the problem of employment is complex, there will be frustration, crime and underdeveloped personalities.

India is going through almost a similar situation. The problem of unemployment has become very complex here. Crores of people are registered in our employment offices who need to be given work. Apart from these, there are also such persons, and their number is in lakhs, who are not able to register themselves in the employment offices.

There are many reasons for the problem of unemployment in India. The first reason is the rapidly increasing population; the government is not able to create jobs in proportion to the increase in population. Secondly, our corrupt education system has also complicated the problem, while lakhs of people are searching for employment, there are many industries, establishments and institutions where there is a shortage of people doing suitable work. We have not been able to start employment oriented education nor have we been able to coordinate education with industry.

Another reason for unemployment is inadequate industrialization and slow progress of cottage industry businesses. Cottage industries are not encouraged due to the vested interests of big industrialists. The love of our unemployed youth for white collar jobs is also another reason for unemployment. Our youth will spend their energy and resources in search of regular jobs but will not start their own business.

Even an agricultural graduate will not work in the fields, but will wait for a suitable post in agricultural institutes or in a government job. Actually, it is not the fault of our youth either. They do not have sufficient resources and capital to invest in their business. They are also untrained and do not have access to training and counseling facilities. Due to these difficulties, their risk taking ability weakens and they become independent.

Their desire to start a business gets frustrated. One reason is that there is a tendency among the youth to leave their ancestral profession. In olden times, the son used to take over his father’s business, hence the question of unemployment problem did not arise for him. Another reason for unemployment in our country is corrupt planning, our planners have failed to pay proper attention towards the planning of manpower.

He has been focusing all his attention towards planning resources. This is the reason why there is a huge difference between the huge amount of capital created as a result of planning and the total happiness generated from it. No matter how prosperous the country is in terms of total national production, the happiness of the citizens cannot be ensured if suitable and right employment opportunities are not provided, but the government alone cannot be blamed for the problem of unemployment. There are many people in India who do not understand the prestige of work and keep waiting for such jobs in which less work has to be done and the reward is more. Their laziness and unwillingness to engage in difficult work keeps them unemployed.

The problem of unemployment needs to be solved as soon as possible. The biggest need is the employment of manpower. We have to provide employment oriented and vocational education to our young men and women. There is a need for accelerated industrialization and proper incentives for cottage industries. Establishment of a large number of small scale and cottage industries in every village, village and city will create innumerable employment opportunities. The spirit of taking risks will have to be inculcated among our youth and they will have to be guided to start a business.

They will have to provide capital for investment on easy terms. Lastly, we have to curb population growth. It is a matter of satisfaction that our planners are working in this direction. Several employment schemes have been launched, the main ones being TRISEM (Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment) and N.V. for the rural unemployed. RE. P. (National Rural Employment Programme). RL. E.G. P (Rural Lands Employment Guarantee Programme), Special Component Plan, Jawahar Rozgar Yojana and Nehru Rozgar Yojana etc. Jawahar Rojgar Yojana has now been converted into Gram Samridhi Yojana.

Other schemes for rural unemployment are Annapurna Yojana and Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana. For the urban people, Nehru Rozgar Yojana has been renamed as ‘Swarna Jayanti Urban Rozgar Yojana’. National Rural Employment Scheme has been started from the year 2006, the objective of which is to provide 10 days of employment in a year to the poor unemployed people of the villages. The industrialization of the country is progressing at a rapid pace.

The government has introduced courses related to running their own enterprises in some institutions so that dynamic youth can be encouraged to set up their own enterprises. Some state governments have introduced courses in vocational education in the curriculum of high school and secondary education and have raised funds for setting up various trades in selected institutions. The plan is to expand the program and start vocational education courses in all institutions.

, A large number of Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) are being opened. This system has yielded very good results in the past. New employment opportunities are being created through economic liberalization programs.

Hardworking and enthusiastic youth are being attracted to establish their own enterprises. In this way employment potential in the personal sector has increased. Further liberalization will open up attractive employment opportunities for our courageous and talented youth. There is no dearth of examples in which people started from scratch and earned lakhs of rupees with the help of a short period of hard labour, benefiting not only themselves but also others. Also provided employment.

In some areas of India like Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh, economic activity is at its peak and unemployment is almost non-existent. We have to give up our laziness and jump into the field, which is waiting for hardworking and courageous youth.

Unemployment Essay in Easy Words

India is a developing country. At present, it is facing almost all the problems which are often faced by developing countries. The most important problem among those problems is unemployment. There are three types of unemployment found in India: full unemployment, semi-unemployment and seasonal unemployment. Whatever may be the type of unemployment, its increase beyond the limit is very dangerous and explosive for any country.

Analyzing unemployment on the basis of rural and urban areas, we find that the number of educated unemployed is higher in cities. Among the unemployed in villages and from villages to cities, the number of uneducated unemployed is high. Farmers living in villages had to face underemployment. Because agriculture is a seasonal enterprise. For this reason, agricultural laborers spend time as underemployed due to lack of work throughout the year.

Agriculture is the main source of income in rural areas. Although work related to handloom or handicraft is also done there, but employment opportunities in them are limited. In urban areas, business, government and private jobs, private business, various types of other businesses and shopkeeping etc. are the main sources of employment, but employment opportunities in these too are gradually decreasing.

Today the main question to consider is why has the problem of unemployment in the country become so severe? The main reason for this is that the economic development in the country has not happened as fast as it should have. The second major reason is the rapid increase in the country’s population, as a result of which the number of unemployment is also increasing rapidly. There is a need to make efforts in the right direction to get rid of this problem in the country. While making policies, the policy makers of the country should see what is the nature and situation of unemployment in the country, what is the number of unemployed and how to make proper arrangements for employment for all of them. Policy makers should also see to what extent the newly made policies will generate employment opportunities and what type and amount of education or training will have to be provided to the people. But unfortunately our policy makers do not give importance to these things while making plans. Since independence, various five-year plans have been made, but no meaningful initiative has been taken to solve the ever-increasing problem of unemployment. If our planners had made efforts to curb population growth from the beginning, the situation would not have been so bad today.

Along with the population growth in the country, the number of unemployed has also been continuously increasing. Although the government established new industries, it did not create many employment opportunities. Education expanded, but the schemes were not made as per the requirement and the queue of educated unemployed kept getting longer.

Although the government implemented development programs under various schemes, their benefits did not reach the rural areas. The government did not make any efforts for the development of industries in these areas. As a result, rural areas lagged behind. Crowds of unemployed people turned to cities in search of employment, due to which the problem of unemployment kept increasing in cities too.

In this context, as far as education is concerned, it is being seen that the education system has become a part of our plans, but this education system has no coordination with the diverse needs of the country’s manpower. The development of education should be directly related to employment, but due to this not happening, the number of educated unemployed has been increasing exponentially. The attitude of today’s educated unemployed also has no less contribution in this. Today, even a youth with general education wants to do only office work, he does not want to do handicrafts or work that makes hands and clothes dirty. On the other hand, the youth who have received technical or professional education also remain unemployed due to inadequate availability of employment opportunities. Due to financial reasons, they are unable to muster the courage to start their own business and stand in the queue of youths who want jobs as clerks and officers.

Although the government has opened employment offices in almost every city to provide jobs to the unemployed. These offices have proved to be completely unsuccessful and purposeless in solving the problem of unemployment. Some suggestions to solve this problem are as follows

(1) To control the growth rate of population. The government should pay special attention to family need planning programs.
(2) Special programs should be run at the government level in which youth should be given training and financial assistance for self-employment.
(3) Small scale industries based on local agricultural produce should be established in rural areas.
(4) Apart from primary education, it is very important to make education employment oriented. Higher education must be linked to employment
(5) The government should not only open its factories and enterprises in rural areas but should also encourage the capitalists to set up their industries there. establish. The problem of unemployment is a serious national problem, to solve which efforts need to be made in the right direction with full determination.

Unemployment Essay in Simple Words

Unemployment ranks first among the major national problems. Whatever efforts the government has made to curb this problem have proved inadequate. In fact, this problem has also raised questionable questions on many social and legal aspects. The anger and dissatisfaction spread among the youth due to unemployment has given rise to violence, vandalism, fighting and many types of economic crimes in the society. The current government’s policy of industrialization, mechanization and economic liberalization has made the nature of this problem even more complex.

The abundance of population in India complicates the problem of unemployment. Food, housing, clothing and education all are affected by population. How can it be possible to support dozens of children with a small income? Population control program has failed in India. Many prejudiced people and one sect to get control over it. Special people create obstacles and consider it their birthright to have more children in the name of religion. Self. Sanjay Gandhi once took the right step in this direction. But due to a divine accident, a determined young man died untimely and the restrictions being imposed on the population became ineffective over time.

Failure of five year plans is also a reason for increasing unemployment. The deadlines and targets set for the implementation of schemes are rarely met. Are. The result is that a large part of the national income is spent in beautifying the cities and we are not even able to provide drinking water to the villages. The poor youth there run to the city in search of livelihood, medical treatment for sick parents, and the hope of providing even a little milk to a newborn baby, where they turn into monsters.

Falling into the clutches of industrialists, they toil day and night, drive rickshaws and by the time they reach the village after collecting some money, they become victims of the city’s biggest diseases like TB, gastroenteritis, cancer and die. This joke is being played on humanity due to increasing unemployment in the country. It is the job of the government to stop this, but today the government pretends to remove unemployment and poverty but their politics is more towards gathering votes. The irony is that the government ignores education, health, cleanliness, public support and cooperation, cottage industries.

There is no stable policy set for them and every year thousands of children are forced to make rounds of employment centers after completing their school and college education. Although the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act implemented by the UPA government has been implemented to get rid of this problem, the government will have to ensure its successful implementation, only then this rapidly growing problem can be controlled to some extent.

English Essay on Unemployment


While on one hand India is progressing by leaps and bounds in the field of education, science, medicine and technology, it is also struggling with many problems. The problems of population growth, illiteracy, child labour, child marriage and unemployment are a stain on the name of our country. The problem of unemployment in our country started increasing towards the end of the Second World War and today it is at its peak.

Types of unemployment:

The problem of unemployment is of two types. One category is of educated unemployment and the other category is of uneducated unemployment. Both types of unemployment are very dangerous.

Reasons for increase in unemployment:

The only reason for the problem of unemployment among the educated class is today’s corrupt education system. The foundation of this system was laid by the British. They wanted to enslave the Indians, hence they wanted to give such a system to the Indians by which they could only become clerks, not officers nor could they do any employment for themselves.

The present education system gives us only bookish knowledge, after acquiring which we can only do jobs and cannot do any business. Another reason for the problem of unemployment is the rapidly increasing population. The resources and production of the country are the same but the number of consumers is increasing, that is why inflation is also increasing. The British also did not allow the small cottage industries of the country to progress, with the help of which people earlier used to earn their livelihood.

The social and religious traditions of the country also contribute to increasing this problem. Uneducated unemployment is very harmful. Uneducated people do not want to come out of their circle. They are victims of superstitions and evil practices. The growth of population is a side effect of the limited thinking of those people.

Side effects of unemployment:

Unemployment has created anger and dissatisfaction among today’s youth. Today’s educated youth are using theft, dacoity, robbery, corruption, murder etc. as their means of earning. His expenses are increasing, but he has no money because he has no work. He considers the whole world as his enemy, that is why so many crimes are happening in the country today.


To find a solution to this problem, many concrete steps need to be taken by the government as well as the private sector. First of all, the current education system of the government should be changed. The education should be such that even if one does not get a job, at least he can earn his livelihood by doing physical hard work. The increasing population will also have to be controlled, for this family planning methods will have to be adopted. Small and cottage industries will have to be encouraged.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan will have to be run to educate the illiterate, so that the uneducated class can come out of the darkness of ignorance. There is a need for change in our religious beliefs also. Only by adopting all these measures, the problem of unemployment can be eliminated from the country and the abilities of the youth can be properly utilized.

The Challenge of Unemployment: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

Unemployment, a socio-economic challenge faced by nations worldwide, refers to the state of being without a job. It is a significant concern, not just for individuals and families, but also for the overall economic stability and development of a country. This essay explores the causes and consequences of unemployment, shedding light on its impact on society and proposing viable solutions to mitigate this pressing issue.

Causes of Unemployment

Several factors contribute to unemployment. Economic fluctuations, such as recessions and depressions, often lead to widespread job losses as businesses struggle to survive. Technological advancements, while enhancing productivity, can reduce the demand for human labor, rendering certain jobs obsolete. Globalization, by facilitating the movement of goods and services across borders, can result in outsourcing and offshoring, displacing workers in high-cost countries. Lack of skills among the workforce also contributes to unemployment, especially in an era where industries demand specialized expertise.

Consequences of Unemployment

The ramifications of unemployment are far-reaching. Financial instability is a direct consequence, leading to poverty and reduced quality of life for affected individuals and their families. Mental and emotional stress often accompany joblessness, causing anxiety, depression, and strained relationships. Social unrest can arise when a large portion of the population is unemployed, leading to increased crime rates and social tensions. From an economic perspective, high levels of unemployment can lead to reduced consumer spending, hampering economic growth and stability.

Impact on Society

Unemployment affects not only the individuals without jobs but also the society at large. Family dynamics are disrupted, leading to strained relationships and potential breakdowns. Education can be affected as families struggle to afford schooling for their children. Healthcare suffers when unemployed individuals cannot afford proper medical care, leading to a decline in overall public health. Moreover, the social fabric weakens, as people lose faith in the government and institutions, leading to a sense of disillusionment.

Solutions to Unemployment

Addressing unemployment requires a multifaceted approach. Investment in education and training is crucial to ensure that the workforce is equipped with the skills demanded by evolving industries. Promoting entrepreneurship can create new job opportunities, fostering innovation and economic growth. Labor market flexibility, including policies that facilitate easier hiring and firing processes, can encourage businesses to hire more employees. Government support through unemployment benefits and social safety nets can provide temporary relief to those affected. Additionally, investment in infrastructure projects can create jobs and stimulate economic activity.


Unemployment poses a significant challenge to societies across the globe. Its causes are varied and complex, often intertwining economic, technological, and social factors. The consequences are dire, impacting not just the individuals without jobs, but also their families and communities. By implementing comprehensive solutions that focus on education, entrepreneurship, and supportive government policies, nations can work towards reducing unemployment rates, ensuring a stable, prosperous future for all its citizens. Addressing unemployment is not just an economic necessity but a moral imperative, one that requires collective efforts and unwavering determination from governments, businesses, and society as a whole.

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