A Glass of Milk Short Moral Stories

There once was a poor boy who spent his days going door to door selling newspapers to pay for school. One day, as he walked his route, he started feeling low and weak. The poor boy was starving, so he began to ask for nourishment at each home he stopped at.

The poor boy was denied every time until he reached the door of a young girl. He asked for a glass of water, but seeing his poor state, the girl returned with a glass of milk. The boy asked how much he owed her for the milk, but she refused payment.

A Glass of Milk Short Moral Stories
A Glass of Milk Short Moral Stories

Years later, the girl, who was now a grown woman, fell sick. She went from doctor to doctor, but no one could cure her. Finally, she went to the best doctor in town.

The doctor spent months treating her until she was finally cured. Despite her happiness, she was afraid she couldn’t afford to pay the bill. But, when the hospital handed her the bill, it read, “Paid in full, with a glass of milk.”

The Moral

No good deed goes unrewarded.
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