English Story for Class 3 for Students and Kids

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In a digital age brimming with distractions, it’s vital to provide children with compelling content that cultivates their moral compass and nurtures their imagination. Our moral stories are more than just narratives; they are potent tools that aid children in developing empathy, critical thinking, and a profound understanding of ethics.

English Story for Class 3 for Students and Kids
English Story for Class 3 for Students and Kids

Moral Stories In English For Class 3 In English

The Wise Ant and the Lazy Grasshopper

Once upon a time, in a vibrant meadow, lived a hardworking ant named Andy and a carefree grasshopper named Gary.

Andy was always busy collecting food and building his little anthill, preparing for the upcoming winter. He knew that hard work and preparation were essential to survive the harsh cold months ahead.

On the other hand, Gary spent his days singing and dancing in the meadow. He laughed at Andy for working so much and never missed a chance to enjoy himself.

One sunny day, Andy approached Gary and said, “Hey Gary, winter is coming soon, and we need to gather enough food to survive. You should start working too.”

Gary laughed, “Why worry about winter when the weather is so nice? I’ll be fine.”

As the days went by, Andy continued to gather grains and store them in his anthill. He worked tirelessly, never resting.

When winter arrived, the meadow turned cold, and food became scarce. Andy and his fellow ants stayed warm and well-fed in their cozy anthill, thanks to their hard work.

Meanwhile, Gary struggled to find food in the freezing cold. He realized his mistake and regretted not preparing for the winter. He felt cold, hungry, and lonely.

One day, Gary humbly approached Andy’s anthill and asked for help. Andy, being kind-hearted, shared some of his stored food with Gary.

Gary learned his lesson and promised to work hard in the future. He started collecting food and helping Andy and the ants. Over time, he became a valued member of the community.

The moral of the story is that hard work and preparation are essential for a successful and fulfilling life. It’s important to balance fun and work, just like the wise ant and the reformed grasshopper.

So, children, remember to work hard and be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

English Story for Class 3

The Kind-hearted Lion

In a vast jungle, there lived a mighty lion named Leo. Despite his strength and power, Leo was known for his kindness and compassion towards all the animals in the jungle.

One day, a small injured bird named Bella fell from her nest. Leo, with his gentle paws, carefully picked up Bella and placed her on a soft leaf bed. He tended to her wounds and provided her with food until she was strong enough to fly again.

News of Leo’s kindness spread throughout the jungle, and animals from all around came to him for help and advice. From the tiniest insects to the largest elephants, Leo treated everyone with respect and care.

One scorching summer, a group of thirsty animals approached Leo, desperate for water. The watering holes had dried up due to the heat, and they were struggling to find water to drink. Leo knew he had to do something.

He led the animals on a journey through the jungle, using his keen senses to guide them to a hidden oasis he knew about. The animals were overjoyed to find cool, refreshing water. They were immensely grateful to Leo for his selfless act.

As time went on, Leo’s kindness and wisdom turned the jungle into a peaceful and harmonious place. Animals of all kinds lived together in harmony, helping and supporting each other.

One day, a group of hunters entered the jungle, determined to capture Leo and display him as a trophy. The animals were terrified, but Leo remained calm. He approached the hunters and spoke to them about the importance of kindness and respect for all living beings.

Moved by Leo’s words, the hunters decided to abandon their cruel intentions. They realized the value of preserving the balance of nature and protecting the animals.

From that day on, Leo became not only the king of the jungle but also a symbol of kindness, compassion, and unity. His legacy taught everyone that true strength comes from a kind heart and a willingness to help others.

The moral of the story is that kindness and compassion can have a profound impact on the world around us. Just like Leo, we should treat all living beings with respect and empathy, creating a harmonious and loving community.

So, children, remember to be kind and caring, and you’ll make the world a better place for everyone.

English story for level 3

Moral Stories In English For Class 3

The Clever Tortoise and the Boastful Hare

In a peaceful meadow, there lived a boastful hare named Harry and a clever tortoise named Tim. Harry was known far and wide for his incredible speed, and he never missed a chance to show off.

One day, Harry couldn’t resist bragging about his speed to Tim. “I’m the fastest animal in the meadow,” Harry declared. “No one can beat me in a race.”

Tim, being wise and patient, replied calmly, “Well, speed is indeed a valuable trait, but there’s more to winning a race than just being fast.”

Harry laughed at Tim’s words. “You’re just jealous of my speed, Tim. I challenge you to a race. I bet I’ll win without even breaking a sweat.”

Tim accepted the challenge, and the animals of the meadow gathered to watch the race. The course was set, and the signal was given. Harry shot forward like an arrow, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

Meanwhile, Tim started his slow and steady pace. He moved along, keeping his focus on the finish line and ignoring the taunts and laughter from the onlookers.

As Harry zoomed ahead, he became overconfident and decided to take a quick nap under a tree. “I have plenty of time to win,” he thought.

While Harry dozed off, Tim continued his steady pace. He kept moving, inch by inch, never losing sight of the goal.

When Harry woke up and saw Tim approaching the finish line, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He raced forward with all his might, but it was too late. Tim had already crossed the finish line and won the race.

The animals cheered for Tim’s victory, and Harry felt humbled and ashamed. He realized that his overconfidence had led to his downfall.

Tim approached Harry and said, “Remember, Harry, it’s not just about being the fastest. It’s about determination, focus, and never underestimating others.”

From that day on, Harry learned to be more humble and respectful. He understood that being clever and persistent could lead to success, even if one wasn’t the fastest.

The moral of the story is that arrogance and overconfidence can lead to failure, while patience, determination, and humility are valuable traits that can bring success. Just like Tim, we should believe in ourselves and work hard, regardless of how fast or slow we may be.

So, children, remember to stay determined and never underestimate the power of steady effort.

English Story for Class 3

The Greedy Dog and the Mirror

Once upon a time, in a cozy village, there lived a curious and greedy dog named Max. Max was always looking for opportunities to satisfy his hunger, and he often roamed the village in search of food.

One sunny day, while wandering near a house, Max noticed a shiny object through a window. It was a mirror, and Max mistook his own reflection for another dog holding a juicy bone.

Filled with greed and excitement, Max thought, “I must have that bone! I won’t let that other dog get it before me.”

He barked loudly, hoping to scare the other dog away, but the “dog” in the mirror just barked back. Max growled and snapped, but the “dog” did the same. The bone in the “dog’s” mouth looked so tempting that Max’s desire to have it grew stronger.

With a determined leap, Max charged towards the mirror, expecting to grab the bone from the other dog. But to his surprise, he crashed into the hard surface of the mirror. The “other dog” disappeared, and Max was left confused and in pain.

He limped away from the mirror, feeling embarrassed and humiliated. As he sat down, he realized his mistake and understood that the bone he saw was just a reflection of his own greed.

Max learned a valuable lesson that day. He realized that his greed had clouded his judgment and caused him unnecessary pain. From that moment on, he became more content with what he had and stopped chasing after illusions.

The villagers, who had witnessed the comical scene, chuckled and patted Max’s head. They admired his newfound wisdom and taught him that being content and grateful for what you have is far more rewarding than chasing after unrealistic desires.

The moral of the story is that greed can lead to foolish decisions and disappointment. It’s important to appreciate what we have and avoid being driven solely by material desires, just like Max the dog learned to do.

So, children, remember to be thankful for the things you have and avoid getting caught up in the trap of greed. True happiness comes from being content and appreciative of life’s blessings.

English Story for Class 3

The Helpful Elephant and the Stubborn Mouse

In a lush forest, there lived a strong and kind-hearted elephant named Ellie and a stubborn little mouse named Milo. Despite their differences in size, they were the best of friends.

One day, while Ellie was peacefully enjoying the shade of a tall tree, Milo scurried up to her, looking worried. “Ellie, I’m in trouble! My tiny home has been flooded due to heavy rain, and I don’t know where to go,” Milo squeaked.

Ellie smiled gently and said, “Don’t worry, Milo. You can stay with me until your home is dry again.”

Milo hesitated at first, not sure if he could trust Ellie’s offer. But seeing the genuine kindness in her eyes, he agreed and moved into Ellie’s cozy ear.

Days turned into weeks, and Milo grew fond of living with Ellie. He felt safe and comfortable, and they spent their time sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company.

One day, the floodwaters receded, and Milo’s home was finally dry. He was excited to move back, but he also felt sad about leaving Ellie.

As Milo prepared to leave, Ellie said, “Milo, you’ll always have a friend in me. Remember, true friends help each other in times of need.”

Milo nodded and thanked Ellie for her generosity. He returned to his home, grateful for the friendship he had found.

Months passed, and one hot summer day, a wildfire began to spread rapidly through the forest. The animals were in a panic, trying to escape the flames. Milo, remembering Ellie’s kindness, knew he had to do something.

He rushed to Ellie and warned her about the approaching danger. Ellie immediately understood the gravity of the situation. She used her massive strength to create a path for the smaller animals to escape to safety.

As the animals fled, Ellie stood bravely in the face of the wildfire, using her strength to create a barrier and slow down the flames. Her sacrifice allowed many animals to escape unharmed.

Eventually, the firefighters arrived and managed to control the fire. When the forest was safe again, the animals gathered to thank Ellie for her heroic act.

Milo, deeply moved by Ellie’s bravery, shared the story of how Ellie had helped him when his home was flooded. The animals realized that true friendship and kindness could make a significant impact.

The forest animals built a statue in Ellie’s honor, a reminder of her selflessness and the power of friendship.

The moral of the story is that true friendship knows no bounds and can have a positive impact on the lives of others. Just like Ellie and Milo, we should be willing to help and support our friends, no matter our differences.

So, children, remember that a kind heart and a willingness to help can make a big difference in the lives of those around you.

English Story for Class 3

English Story for Class 3 for Students

The Curious Kitten and the Wise Owl

In a peaceful forest, lived a curious little kitten named Katie and a wise old owl named Oliver. Katie was always full of questions and loved exploring every nook and cranny of the forest.

One bright morning, as Katie was chasing a butterfly, she stumbled upon a cozy hollow at the base of an ancient oak tree. Inside the hollow, she found a stack of old books. Curious as ever, she pawed at the books and accidentally knocked them over.

Just then, Oliver the owl, who had been observing from a nearby branch, hooted softly. “Hello there, curious one. It seems you’ve stumbled upon my collection of books.”

Katie looked up, surprised to see Oliver. “Books? What are they?”

Oliver smiled, “Books are like treasure chests of knowledge. They hold stories, facts, and wisdom from different times and places.”

Katie’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “Can you teach me what’s inside these books, Oliver?”

“Of course,” Oliver agreed. “But learning from books requires patience and dedication. Let me share a story to illustrate the importance of knowledge.”

Oliver began telling Katie the story of a clever little fox who used his wit to outsmart larger predators and find food. The fox’s cleverness not only helped him survive but also brought him respect from the other animals.

Katie was captivated by the story and asked, “Can I learn to be clever like the fox?”

“Absolutely,” Oliver replied. “But remember, just like the fox, you need to be patient, observant, and willing to learn.”

Over the next few months, Katie visited Oliver regularly. He taught her how to read, introduced her to various stories, and encouraged her to explore the world around her with a curious mind.

As Katie absorbed knowledge from the books and Oliver’s teachings, she grew wiser and more resourceful. She used her newfound wisdom to help her friends and solve problems in the forest.

One day, a group of animals faced a dilemma when their food storage was destroyed by a storm. Katie remembered a story about storing food safely and suggested building sturdy shelters to protect their provisions.

With Katie’s guidance, the animals built shelters and secured their food, ensuring they had enough to eat throughout the winter.

The other animals admired Katie’s intelligence and resourcefulness, and she became known as the “Clever Kitten.”

The moral of the story is that knowledge is a powerful tool that can help us overcome challenges and make a positive impact. Just like Katie, we should never stop learning and seeking wisdom, as it can lead us to become resourceful and valuable members of our community.

So, children, remember to stay curious, keep learning, and use your knowledge to make the world a better place.

English Story for Class 3

The Lost Star and the Dreamer Squirrel

In a magical forest, lived a dreamer squirrel named Sammy. Sammy had a vivid imagination and was always lost in his dreams. He often gazed up at the night sky, fascinated by the twinkling stars.

One night, as Sammy stared at the sky, he noticed that one star was dimmer than the others. He grew concerned and decided to embark on a journey to find out what had happened to the lost star.

He set off with determination, leaving behind his cozy tree hollow and venturing into the unknown. Along the way, he encountered various animals who offered advice and shared their wisdom.

A wise old owl told him, “Dreams can lead you on amazing adventures, but remember to stay grounded and focused.”

A playful rabbit added, “Patience is key. Don’t rush; take your time to find the answers you seek.”

As Sammy continued his journey, he encountered challenges and obstacles. He crossed rivers and climbed steep hills, all the while keeping his dream of finding the lost star alive in his heart.

Finally, after days of travel, Sammy reached the edge of the forest and found himself on a vast plain. There, in the middle of an open field, he saw the lost star, lying dim and faded.

Sammy’s heart sank at the sight, but he remembered the advice he had received. He approached the star gently and whispered, “Don’t give up, little star. Your light is still within you.”

To his surprise, the star began to glow brighter, slowly regaining its brilliance. The lost star thanked Sammy and told him that it had felt lost and forgotten, but Sammy’s determination had rekindled its spirit.

As Sammy returned to the magical forest, he looked up at the sky and saw the lost star shining brightly once again. The other stars twinkled with joy, and the forest animals celebrated Sammy’s courage and determination.

From that day on, Sammy was known as the “Dreamer Squirrel” who had brought back a lost star’s light through his unwavering belief in his dreams.

The moral of the story is that dreams, determination, and perseverance can bring about positive change, even in the face of challenges. Just like Sammy, we should hold onto our dreams and never give up, knowing that our efforts can make a difference.

So, children, remember to dream big and work hard to achieve your goals. Your determination can light up the darkest corners and make the world a brighter place.

English Story for Class 3

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The Caring Tree and the Selfish Squirrel

In a peaceful forest, stood a magnificent oak tree named Oliver. Oliver was known for his generosity and kindness towards all creatures. He provided shelter, shade, and a home to many animals.

One day, a selfish squirrel named Sammy moved to the forest. Sammy was always focused on himself and cared only about gathering the most nuts for his own stash.

As the seasons changed and winter approached, Sammy noticed that he hadn’t collected enough nuts to last through the cold months. He grew worried and began to search desperately for food.

Seeing Sammy’s distress, Oliver the oak tree rustled his leaves and called out, “Sammy, don’t worry. I have plenty of acorns stored up. You’re welcome to take what you need.”

Sammy was surprised by Oliver’s offer. “Why would you help me? I’ve never been kind to you or anyone else.”

Oliver replied with a warm smile, “Because kindness is what makes the forest a harmonious and happy place. Sharing what we have can make a world of difference.”

Sammy hesitated but eventually accepted Oliver’s offer. He gathered enough acorns to see him through the winter. As he returned to his nest, he couldn’t help but feel grateful for Oliver’s selflessness.

Throughout the winter, Sammy’s heart began to change. He realized the value of sharing and caring for others. He watched as other animals found refuge and sustenance under Oliver’s branches, and he admired the tree’s generosity.

When spring arrived, Sammy approached Oliver and said, “Thank you for your kindness, Oliver. I’ve learned the importance of caring for others, just as you do.”

Oliver nodded, “Remember, Sammy, the more we give and care for each other, the richer our lives become.”

From that day forward, Sammy became a more considerate and helpful squirrel. He shared his nuts with those in need and offered a helping paw to his fellow forest creatures.

As the years went by, Sammy’s actions inspired others to be kind and compassionate. The forest flourished with a sense of unity and harmony, all thanks to the lessons learned from Oliver the caring tree.

The moral of the story is that kindness and selflessness can create a positive ripple effect, bringing happiness and harmony to our lives and the lives of others. Just like Sammy, we should strive to care for and support each other, making the world a better place.

So, children, remember to be kind, generous, and caring, and you’ll contribute to a more beautiful and harmonious world around you.

English Story for Class 3

English Story for Class 3 for Kids

The Lost Necklace and the Honest Rabbit

In a picturesque meadow, lived a group of animal friends who often played and shared their joys and sorrows. Among them was a kind-hearted rabbit named Rosie.

One sunny day, as Rosie hopped along the meadow, she noticed a shiny necklace lying near a clump of flowers. The necklace was adorned with sparkling gems and looked very valuable.

Rosie picked up the necklace and examined it closely. She knew that the necklace must belong to someone and that they must be feeling very upset about losing it.

Determined to find the owner, Rosie hopped to each animal’s home in the meadow, showing them the necklace and asking if it belonged to them. But no one claimed it.

Finally, Rosie reached the wise old owl’s tree. The owl carefully inspected the necklace and said, “My dear Rosie, this necklace belongs to me. I was out last night admiring the stars and must have dropped it without realizing.”

Rosie’s heart sank as she realized that the necklace belonged to her respected friend, the owl. She handed it over, feeling sad that she had found the owner but also glad that she could return it to its rightful place.

The wise old owl smiled kindly at Rosie and said, “You have shown great honesty and integrity, Rosie. You could have kept the necklace for yourself, but your honesty shines as brightly as these gems.”

The other animals gathered around, amazed by Rosie’s honesty and grateful for her selfless actions. They celebrated her integrity and kindness.

As a token of appreciation, the animals gifted Rosie a small necklace made of wildflowers, symbolizing her pure heart and honest nature.

From that day on, Rosie’s actions inspired everyone in the meadow to be more honest and considerate. They realized that doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult, brings a sense of pride and respect from others.

The moral of the story is that honesty and integrity are qualities that shine brightly and earn the admiration of those around us. Just like Rosie, we should always strive to do the right thing and be truthful, even in challenging situations.

So, children, remember to be honest and show integrity in all that you do. Your actions will not only make you proud but also inspire others to do the same, creating a more trustworthy and caring community.

English Story for Class 3

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