Kiss Day Poem in English

Kiss Day Poem in English: Kiss Day is coming on February 13, 2024, and you have to be ready with the best poems for your boyfriend or girlfriend. It will be a magical day and couples all over the world are excited about it. If you are looking for some poems to make this day extra romantic then we have the most romantic kiss day poems for girlfriend and boyfriend for 2024.

Kiss Day Poem in English
Kiss Day Poem in English

Kiss Day Poem in English

Kiss poems from famous poets and the best beautiful poems to feel good. Best kiss poems ever written. Read all poems about kissing.

In the garden of affection, where emotions play,
Comes a day of sweetness, where love finds its way.
A moment to cherish, under the moon’s soft light,
It’s Kiss Day, my love, let our spirits take flight.

With a tender touch, our lips meet in a dance,
A symphony of passion, a serendipitous chance.
Whispers of desire, like a gentle breeze,
Igniting the flame, bringing us to our knees.

Softly we linger, in this intimate embrace,
A silent language, only our hearts can trace.
The world fades away, as our souls connect,
On Kiss Day, love’s tale is what we reflect.

Each kiss a promise, sealed with devotion,
A magical elixir, a sweet emotion.
In the language of love, where words fall short,
Our lips converse, in a silent rapport.

So let the kisses rain, like petals from above,
A celebration of us, an ode to this love.
On this special day, where lips entwine,
Happy Kiss Day, my love, forever you are mine.

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Kiss Day Poem in 2024

In the year 2024, where love unfolds,
On Kiss Day, a tale of passion told.

Underneath the moonlit sky so divine,
Two hearts entwined, a moment to define.

Lips meeting in a sweet, tender dance,
A symphony of emotions, a timeless romance.

Soft whispers linger in the air,
As love blossoms, beyond compare.

Electric sparks in a fleeting touch,
Igniting flames that mean so much.

A language of love, unspoken yet clear,
In every kiss, a promise to hold dear.

In 2024, let passion ignite,
Kiss Day’s magic, a pure delight.

Embrace the warmth, let love portray,
A poem of kisses in the language of today.

Poem on Kiss Day

I want to kiss you all day.
I want to start at dawn.
I want our mouths to dry out by breakfast.
I want our jaws to start cramping by noon.
I want us to question our decision to kiss all day by hour five.
I want to have sex really quickly then seriously stop all this kissing bullshit because you need your personal space, apparently.

Every time I kiss you
After a long separation
I feel
I am putting a hurried love letter
In a red mailbox.

The kiss happened like a dream.
The kiss was ours to embrace.
The kiss I had been waiting for so long was
The kiss that was mine

Your scars arent beautiful,
theres no beauty in hurting yourself
no beauty in blades
no beauty in throwing up your food
no beauty in mascara running from your eyes at 2 am
no beauty in eyes that are dead
nobody will kiss your scars
i’m sorry for that.

Short Kiss Day Poems

May I kiss you?
Just for today
Just for an instant-
A moment-

Just for a day
May I kiss you?

May I kiss you?
In the rain
In the snow-
In the spring-

Just for a season
May I kiss you?

May I kiss you
Just for a moment
For alas I know
Not of the future

And even a kiss today
Is more than I can dream.

Poem on Kiss Day in English – Kiss Day Poem in English
Poem on Kiss Day in English – Kiss Day Poem in English

Poem on Kiss Day in English

A kiss
it’s simple really
two lips touching
although it can be complex
just talking about it makes my feelings twist
but it depends on who with.
with you it would be complex because it would mean something
but with someone else it would be simple, just two lips touching
I suppose we will figure out the full complexity when we do

I have yet to be kissed
in a manner
so passionate and incandescent
that it has yet to leave my lips,
never to be forgotten.

I have yet to be kissed
in a manner
so passionate and incandescent
that it has yet to leave my lips,
never to be forgotten.

Kiss Day Poem for Love

Kiss Day Poem- April Rain Song

Let the rain kiss you
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops
Let the rain sing you a lullaby
The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk
The rain makes running pools in the gutter
The rain plays a little sleep song on our roof at night
And I love the rain.

10 Lines for Kiss Day Poem

In the realm of love, where emotions play,
Kiss Day arrives, enchanting the way.
A tender touch, lips locked in rhyme,
Expressing feelings, transcending time.

Soft whispers exchanged, a language untold,
Passion’s tale in a kiss, beautifully unfold.
Eyes closed, hearts flutter, an intimate dance,
In the symphony of love, a sweet romance.

Lingering moments, like petals on a rose,
A kiss so profound, the truest prose.
Celebrating love, in gestures so divine,
On Kiss Day, our souls entwine.

Short Kiss Day Poems for her

On Kiss Day, my love, I must confess,
Each stolen kiss, a sweet caress. πŸ’‹
Lips entwined, a dance divine,
In your embrace, forever I’m thine. ❀️

Under the moonlight’s softest glow,
Our lips meet, a love to show. πŸ’
Kiss by kiss, our story unfolds,
A tale of passion, forever told. πŸŒ™

In the language of kisses, we converse,
A symphony of love, nothing terse. 😘
Lingering moments, lips in sync,
On this Kiss Day, let our hearts link. πŸ’–

With every kiss, a promise made,
In your arms, my worries fade. 😊
A celebration of love so true,
Happy Kiss Day, my darling, to you. πŸŽ‰

Soft whispers on the breeze,
Kisses exchanged with such ease. πŸ’¨
In your arms, where I belong,
Our love, a melody, sweet and strong. 🎢

A simple kiss, yet so profound,
Expressing love, without a sound. 🀐
On this special day, let’s convey,
Emotions words can never say. πŸ’•

Kiss Day’s here, my love, let’s share,
A moment in time, beyond compare. ⏳
In the language of kisses, we find,
A love so rare, so sweet, so kind. 🌈

Like petals falling from a rose,
Our kisses, a love that eternally grows. 🌹
Happy Kiss Day, my heart’s delight,
In your arms, everything feels right. 😍

In the softness of your tender kiss,
I find a world of boundless bliss. 😌
Happy Kiss Day, my love so true,
Forever, I want to be with you. 🌟

On this day of kisses, let’s ignite,
A flame of love, burning bright. πŸ”₯
Lips locked, a promise we make,
In each sweet kiss, our love will wake. πŸ’‘

Kiss Day Poem for Girlfriend

In a realm where emotions sweetly sway,
On this Kiss Day, my words convey,
A tale of love, so pure and true,
A symphony played, just for me and you.

Softly whispered, the winds declare,
A love story beyond compare.
In your eyes, a universe unfolds,
Where passion and warmth gently molds.

Upon your lips, a promise sealed,
A connection profound, never concealed.
Kisses exchanged, like petals in the breeze,
Each one a testament, love to appease.

Under the moonlight’s tender grace,
Our hearts dance in an intimate embrace.
With every kiss, a chapter is spun,
In the book of us, forever to be done.

In the language of touch, our story’s told,
A saga of love, ever-bold.
So on this day, with affection so pure,
I’ll kiss you, my love, and forever endure.

As lips meet, a celebration of us,
A poetic journey, beautifully robust.
Happy Kiss Day, my dearest, so divine,
In your embrace, forever, I’m entwined.

Kiss Day Poem for Boyfriend & Girlfriend – Kiss Day Poem in English
Kiss Day Poem for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Kiss Day Poem for Boyfriend

In the soft twilight of love’s sweet embrace,
Where whispers linger and hearts race,
On this special day, so tender and sweet,
I pen down my feelings, my love, complete.

Oh, my dear, on Kiss Day, I say,
With words unspoken, in a romantic ballet,
In the language of lips, where emotions play,
Let our kisses tell the tale of love’s display.

With every peck, a promise sealed,
In the warmth of affection, so perfectly revealed,
Our love story written with lips entwined,
A symphony of emotions, forever bind.

In the poetry of kisses, a language unique,
A silent dialogue, where love and passion speak,
Soft and slow or fiery and wild,
Each kiss, my love, is a testament compiled.

So here’s to the moments, the stolen kisses,
A celebration of love that never misses,
On this Kiss Day, let our love unfurl,
A romance that transcends, a timeless swirl.

In the language of kisses, our love will stay,
Forever entwined, come what may,
Happy Kiss Day, my love, my heart’s delight,
In your arms, every kiss feels just right.

Famous Kiss Day Poems

Here’s a romantic poem for Kiss Day:

Kiss Day Poem- Eternal Kiss

In the twilight of our love, where shadows dance,
A moment sealed, a sweet and tender trance.
Upon your lips, the poetry of desire,
Igniting flames, a love that will never tire.

With every kiss, a chapter unfolds,
A story of passion, of love that molds.
Soft whispers exchanged in the moonlit night,
A symphony of kisses, pure delight.

Our lips, like ink on parchment, create,
A sonnet of love, an eternal fate.
In the garden of affection, we sway,
Kisses blooming like flowers in May.

Each touch, a promise, silently spoken,
Hearts entwined, a love unbroken.
So on this day of kisses, let us say,
Our love deepens in every single way.

In the realm of kisses, where dreams align,
Our souls unite, forever to entwine.
Eternal is the magic, the love we share,
A kiss that echoes through the boundless air.

Kiss Day Poem for Wife

In the soft embrace of twilight’s glow,
Where love’s whispers gently flow,
On this special Kiss Day, my sweet wife,
I pen a verse to celebrate our life.

Your lips, a melody, a tender song,
In the symphony of love, where we belong.
With every kiss, a promise we share,
A timeless bond beyond compare.

Upon your lips, the magic lingers,
A symphony of love, soft as feathers.
Each tender touch, a dance of bliss,
Sealed with a kiss, our eternal kiss.

Through seasons, through the changing years,
Our love, a testament, conquers fears.
In the language of kisses, unspoken and true,
I find my forever in the warmth of you.

So on this Kiss Day, under starry skies,
Let our lips paint a canvas of surprise.
For in each kiss, a story we create,
A love so deep, an enduring fate.

In the language of kisses, our love shall speak,
A journey of passion, tender and sleek.
Happy Kiss Day, my love, my life,
Forever grateful to be your loving wife.

Kiss Day Poem for Husband

In the language of love, let verses play,
On Kiss Day, dear husband, here’s what I say.

In the morning’s tender light, your lips I seek,
A sweet connection, a love unique.

Soft and gentle, like a whispering breeze,
Your kisses ignite a fire with such ease.

In the chaos of life, your touch is a retreat,
A sanctuary of love, where our hearts beat.

With every kiss, a story unfolds,
A tale of passion, as our love molds.

On this special day, let’s celebrate,
The magic of kisses, so sweet and innate.

Through ups and downs, in joy and strife,
Your kisses are the melody of my life.

So here’s to us, my love so true,
A symphony of kisses, just me and you.

Happy Kiss Day, my forever friend,
May our love story never end.

Happy Kiss Day Poem – Kiss Day Poem in English
Happy Kiss Day Poem – Kiss Day Poem in English

Happy Kiss Day Poem

In the realm of love, where feelings play,
Comes a day so sweet, to brighten our way.
With hearts aflutter, and smiles so gay,
It’s Kiss Day, my love, let’s dance and sway.

Upon the canvas of affection, a tender art,
Where lips meet lips, a symphony starts.
A gentle caress, a fluttering start,
In the language of kisses, we share our heart.

Soft whispers of love, in each gentle press,
A silent vow, a sweet finesse.
Embraced in passion, a timeless duet,
On Kiss Day, our love story is set.

Beneath the moonlit sky, where stars align,
Your kiss, my darling, is the sweetest sign.
A promise unspoken, yet so divine,
In the poetry of our lips, forever entwined.

So let’s celebrate this day so dear,
With kisses that echo, loud and clear.
Happy Kiss Day, my love, hold me near,
In this dance of affection, let’s persevere.

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