Lakshadweep Poem in English

Smiling Lakshadweep, Lakshadweep Poem in English by Dr. Santhvana Srikanth.

Lakshadweep Poem in English
Lakshadweep Poem in English

Lakshadweep Poem in English 2024

Centuries ago
You were born in the Arabian Sea,
still steadfast but
Lakshadweep is so fickle.
so quietly
What are you waiting for?
I kept looking for you
On the beautiful island of Kavaratti,
From Agati to Vangaram
till I saw your beauty
and then-
Minikay also went,
Where you became more beautiful,
in smiling, bouncing waves
I kept reading you many times.
coconuts swaying in the wind
from countless trees
you while listening to lullabies
wandering everywhere,
chirping and full of enthusiasm
Met like a child.
Oh! Lakshadweep,
I sit on the clouds
I have come here,
To make love flourish.
of your golden sands
wearing clothes
I am sitting on the shore,
to your blue color
in the palm of your hand
Have adorned myself.
you are so pure,
on my eyelashes
your moonlight sand
is twinkling,
through endless nights
She didn’t sleep at all
To my beloved Lakshadweep
To see.
I have seen your past
all chapters
has changed
In the golden present.
even the marks of those wounds
I have deleted
that you met
In the period of history.
Oh! Lakshadweep
look at me-
all your islands
are shining
like pearls
As a necklace.
of your sea
blue-green body of water
set in my jewels
overflowing with gems
She touches me.
you are called
‘Lakho Islands’ but
Popular in crores,
falling from the sky
Even gods love you.
kept searching on the coral island
All your happiness,
But I am sitting in the boat
I kept looking for you only,
thinking that
with outstretched arms
Will take it to heart,
Then I will become a butterfly
I will fly and
I will create a rainbow.
Or become a mermaid,
I will get lost in your waves
Forever and ever.
Oh! Lakshadweep,
I am no one else,
I am your nature
Will always remain in you.
by the rays of the sun
like glittering gold
on your land,
on the jumping blue waves
under the coconut trees
I keep knitting-
The eternal music of love.
What are you listening to Lakshadweep?
look i’m making it
your favorite dish puttu
From coconut only,
served on banana leaves
I will dedicate it to you.
you in white shells
cherish your love
Like you give to everyone,
Sometime give it to me also….Lakshadweep.

– Dr. Santwana Srikanth

Poem on Lakshadweep Island in English

In the heart of the azure, where the waves gently play,
Lies Lakshadweep, a jewel in the Indian Ocean’s sway.
A cluster of islands, adorned in nature’s embrace,
A haven of serenity, a tranquil, idyllic space.

Coral reefs dance beneath the sunlit sea,
A kaleidoscope of colors, a mesmerizing spree.
Lakshadweep, where the sands whisper tales untold,
In the gentle zephyrs, secrets of the islands unfold.

Coconut palms sway in rhythm with the tides,
A symphony of nature, where beauty abides.
Pearl-white beaches, kissed by the golden sun,
Lakshadweep, where paradise and reality are one.

Crystal-clear waters mirror the endless sky,
As vibrant fish in underwater realms float by.
Silhouettes of dhows against the fiery sunset’s hue,
Lakshadweep, a canvas where dreams come true.

Kavaratti, Agatti, islands of mystic charm,
In each coral atoll, a story to disarm.
Traditions echo in the lull of the gentle breeze,
Lakshadweep, a sanctuary where time finds ease.

A tapestry of cultures, woven in unity,
Lakshadweep, where hearts beat in harmony.
In the rhythm of the lagoon’s lullaby,
A sanctuary for the soul, where spirits fly high.

Lakshadweep, an oasis in the vast expanse,
A jewel in the ocean, a divine romance.
In the whispers of the palm leaves and the ocean’s call,
A testament to beauty, where paradise enthralls.

Short poem on Lakshadweep in English

In the embrace of azure seas, a jewel untold,
Lakshadweep, a tale of beauty unfolds.

Islands scattered like whispers in the breeze,
Where turquoise waves dance with effortless ease.

Coral gardens bloom beneath the sun’s caress,
A kaleidoscope of life in nature’s finesse.

Coconut palms sway in rhythmic delight,
As the sun and moon take turns in their celestial flight.

Pearl-white sands cradle stories untold,
Legends woven in the fabric of shimmering gold.

Lakshadweep, a haven in the vast expanse,
A sanctuary where time takes a gentle dance.

A symphony of colors paints the horizon’s embrace,
In this paradise, serenity finds its place.

With every tide, a new chapter unfolds,
Lakshadweep’s allure, a treasure to behold.

Lakshadweep meaning in English

Lakshadweep” is an archipelago in the Arabian Sea, off the southwestern coast of India. The name “Lakshadweep” translates to “a hundred thousand islands” in Sanskrit. It is a union territory of India and is known for its beautiful coral reefs, sandy beaches, and rich marine life.

About Lakshadweep Island in English
About Lakshadweep Island in English

About Lakshadweep Island in English

Lakshadweep is a group of islands located in the Arabian Sea, off the southwestern coast of India. It is the smallest union territory of India and is known for its stunning coral reefs, clear blue waters, and pristine white sandy beaches. Here are some key points about Lakshadweep:

  1. Geography:
    • Lakshadweep consists of 36 islands and islets, with a total area of about 32 square kilometers. The islands are scattered in the Arabian Sea, around 200 to 400 kilometers off the coast of Kerala.
    • The capital of Lakshadweep is Kavaratti, which is also the most populous island in the group.
  2. Cultural Diversity:
    • The population of Lakshadweep is predominantly Muslim, and the culture is influenced by the traditions and customs of the people of Kerala.
    • The local language spoken is Malayalam, and the people of Lakshadweep are known for their warm hospitality and traditional music and dance forms.
  3. Tourism:
    • Lakshadweep is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its pristine beaches and vibrant marine life.
    • Water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking are popular activities due to the rich coral reefs and diverse underwater ecosystems.
  4. Marine Life:
    • The coral reefs around Lakshadweep are home to a variety of marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and various species of coral.
    • The islands are part of the Lakshadweep Archipelago, and the marine biodiversity is protected within the confines of the Lakshadweep Islands.
  5. Administration:
    • The union territory is governed by an administrator appointed by the President of India.
    • The administration focuses on sustainable development and conservation efforts to preserve the ecological balance of the islands.
  6. Transportation:
    • The primary mode of transportation between the islands is through ships and boats. Agatti and Bangaram have airports that connect the islands to the mainland.
  7. Ecological Importance:
    • Lakshadweep’s coral reefs are ecologically significant and are protected under the Lakshadweep Archipelago Biosphere Reserve, recognized by UNESCO.
  8. Challenges:
    • Despite its natural beauty, Lakshadweep faces challenges such as the impact of climate change, coastal erosion, and waste management issues.

Lakshadweep remains a tropical paradise, known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich marine biodiversity, and a tranquil environment that attracts nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

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