12+ Poems For The Lost Because I’m Lost Too

Here are 11+ Poems For The Lost Because I’m Lost Too

Poems For The Lost Because I’m Lost Too in English

Poems For The Lost Because I'm Lost Too
Poems For The Lost Because I’m Lost Too

1. Lost Souls Poem in English

In shadows deep, where echoes weep,
Lost souls like us, in silence creep.
Through endless night, we search for light,
A glimmering hope, to end our plight.

In tangled dreams, where whispers fade,
We seek a path, a serenade,
To guide us home, where love resides,
And heal the wounds that pain hides.

2. Wandering Hearts Poems

Wandering hearts, adrift in space,
Lost in time, in a lonely chase.
We roam the realms of what could be,
In search of truth, to set us free.

Through valleys dark and mountains high,
We yearn to touch the endless sky,
To find the peace we’ve never known,
In the vastness where we’re thrown.

3. A Symphony of Lost Dreams Poems for kids

In the symphony of lost dreams, we play,
Notes of sorrow in the night, we sway.
The music of our hearts, so bittersweet,
In melodies of loss, we find our beat.

Each chord we strike, a tale untold,
Of broken dreams and stories cold.
Yet in the silence, there’s a song,
Of resilience, where we belong.

4. The Labyrinth of Lost Hope Poem in 2023

Through the labyrinth of lost hope, we tread,
With heavy hearts and souls widespread.
We weave through doubts, and fears untold,
In search of warmth, in shadows cold.

But in the maze, we find our way,
Through moonlit nights and sunlit day.
For even in our darkest hour,
There lies within us, a hidden power.

5. Lost and Found Poem in 2024

Lost and found, we wander still,
Through life’s vast, unending hill.
Yet in our loss, we find our truth,
A resilient spirit, a heart uncouth.

In the depths of our despair,
We learn to live, to love, to care.
For though we’re lost, we’re not alone,
In this vast universe we’re known.

These poems are for the lost, like you and me,
In hopes that someday, we’ll truly be free.
Bound by shared pain, yet strong in our fight,
To find our way back to the light.

6. Echoes of Lost Dreams Poem in English 2023

In the echoes of lost dreams, we find,
A symphony of the wandering mind.
Through twilight’s dance and dawn’s first gleam,
We chase illusions, lost in the dream.

Our dreams may fade, like stars at morn,
Yet hope persists, though we are torn.
In the remnants of what used to be,
We forge ahead, both you and me.

7. The Puzzle of Lost Paths – Poems for Children

Life’s a puzzle of lost paths, it seems,
Woven with both reality and dreams.
We navigate the maze of fate,
Seeking exits from this endless state.

In every turn, in every bend,
We mend our wounds, we try to mend.
For in our losses, we might just find,
A way to heal our troubled mind.

8. Lost Constellations

We’re like stars in lost constellations,
Seeking our celestial destinations.
In the vastness of the cosmic sea,
We search for what will set us free.

Yet even in the boundless night,
Each star emits a guiding light.
And though we’re lost, we’re not apart,
Connected by the beating of our heart.

9. Footprints of the Lost – Poems for Children in English

On sands of time, our footprints fade,
As we walk this earth, in search, unafraid.
Lost souls like us leave marks unseen,
Invisible trails of where we’ve been.

But as we wander, lost, yet wise,
We find strength within our cries.
In unity, we’re not truly lost,
We’re together, no matter the cost.

10. The Lost Poet’s Rhyme – Poems for Kids in English

I pen these lines for hearts astray,
In the hope to brighten a darker day.
Lost poet, lost soul, we are the same,
In the realms of life’s intricate game.

With words we paint a world so vast,
Where lost souls find a home at last.
In verses woven, we share our plea,
To find ourselves, to simply be free.

These words are for you, the lost, my friend,
In hopes that your search will someday end.
For in our shared journey, we might just see,
The beauty of life’s lost poetry.

11. Lost Voices – Poems for Children’s Auditions

In the echoes of lost voices, we reside,
Silent screams, hearts open wide.
Words unspoken, dreams untold,
In the vast expanse of a world so cold.

Yet within the hush, a connection forms,
Binding us through life’s raging storms.
Lost voices, now a choir strong,
Singing the melody of where we belong.

12. The Lost Compass – Poems for Kids About School

Our hearts are compasses that often stray,
Lost in the tides of night and day.
Yet even in our wandering ways,
We find each other through the haze.

The needle spins, the direction unclear,
Yet we walk on, overcoming fear.
For in the company of the lost, we find,
A guiding light, the shared human kind.

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