Tell Me Brother Poem by Kabir

Kabir’s poems, including “Tell Me, Brother“, are often translated from Hindi and have various interpretations. Here is an English translation of Tell Me Brother, a poem by Kabir:

Tell Me Brother Poem by Kabir
Tell Me Brother Poem by Kabir

Tell Me Brother

Tell me, Brother, how can I renounce Maya?

When I gave up the tying of ribbons, still I tied my garment about me:

When I gave up tying my garment, still I covered my body in its folds.

So, when I give up passion, I see that anger remains;

And when I renounce anger, greed is with me still;

And when greed is vanquished, pride and vainglory remain;

When the mind is detached and casts Maya away, still it clings to the letter.

Kabîr says, ‘Listen to me, dear Sadhu! the true path is rarely found.’

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