“The Bogey Beast” by Flora Annie Steel Short Stories

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Guy. He was a good little boy, but he had one fault – he was always afraid of something. When he was a baby, he used to be afraid of the dark, and his mother had to leave the nursery door open at night. When he got older, he was afraid of thunderstorms, and he would hide under his bed whenever there was a storm.

“The Bogey Beast” by Flora Annie Steel Short Stories
“The Bogey Beast” by Flora Annie Steel Short Stories

But as he grew up, his fears changed. He was no longer afraid of the dark or thunderstorms. Instead, he became afraid of something he called the “Bogey Beast.” He didn’t know exactly what the Bogey Beast looked like, but he was sure it was a terrible creature that lurked in the shadows and waited to pounce on him.

Every night before going to bed, Guy would check under his bed, in the closet, and even in the corners of his room to make sure the Bogey Beast wasn’t hiding there. He would then pull the covers over his head and lie awake, listening for any sounds that might signal the approach of the dreaded creature.

One night, as Guy lay in bed, he heard a soft rustling sound coming from the closet. His heart began to race, and he pulled the covers over his head, too scared to move. The rustling sound grew louder, and Guy could hear something breathing heavily.

Is it the Bogey Beast?” Guy thought in terror.

But then he heard a voice, a small and trembling voice, saying, “Please don’t be afraid. I’m not a Bogey Beast.”

Guy was curious despite his fear, so he peeked out from under the covers. To his surprise, he saw a tiny creature, no bigger than a mouse, standing in the closet. It had big, round eyes and a furry little body.

“What are you?” Guy asked, his fear slowly giving way to curiosity.

“I’m just a little creature,” the tiny being replied. “I live in the shadows, but I mean no harm. I heard you were always afraid, so I came to see if I could help.”

Guy was amazed. He had always thought the Bogey Beast was a terrible monster, but this little creature seemed harmless.

“Can you make my fears go away?” Guy asked.

The little creature nodded. “I can try. But first, you have to promise me something.”

“What do I have to promise?” Guy asked.

“Promise me that you’ll never be afraid of the unknown,” the little creature said. “Fear of the unknown is what makes the Bogey Beast grow stronger. If you face your fears and try to understand them, they will disappear.”

Guy thought about it for a moment and then nodded. “I promise.”

From that day on, Guy stopped being afraid of the Bogey Beast. He realized that his fears were just a product of his imagination, and with the help of the little creature, he learned to face and conquer them.

And so, the Bogey Beast was never seen or heard of again in Guy’s life. He grew up to be a brave and fearless young man, unafraid of the dark, thunderstorms, or anything else that lurked in the shadows.

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The End.

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