The Farmer and the Well Short Moral Stories

A farmer needed a water source for his farm, so he bought a well from his neighbor. However, The neighbor was cunning. The next day, as the farmer came to draw water from his well, the neighbor refused to let him take any.

When the farmer asked why, the neighbor replied, “I sold you the well, not the water,” and walked away. Distraught, the farmer went to the emperor to ask for justice. He explained what had happened.

The Farmer and the Well Short Moral Stories
The Farmer and the Well Short Moral Stories

The emperor called on Birbal, the wisest of his nine courtiers. Birbal proceeded to question the neighbor, “Why don’t you let the farmer take water from the well? You sold the well to the farmer, did you not?”

The neighbor replied, “Birbal, I did sell the well to the farmer but not the water within it. He has no right to draw water from the well.”

Birbal said, “Look, since you sold the well, you have no right to keep the water in the farmer’s well. Either you pay rent to the farmer or take it out immediately.” Realizing that his scheme had failed, the neighbor apologized and went home.

The Moral

Cheating will not get you anything. If you cheat, you’ll pay soon enough.
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