The Frog Prince Moral Stories for Kids

The Frog Prince – Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a beautiful princess in a grand castle. She had a golden ball that she loved to play with in the palace gardens. One sunny day, as she was playing by the castle pond, her golden ball slipped from her hand and plopped into the water with a loud splash.

The Frog Prince Moral Stories in English

The Frog Prince Moral Stories for Kids
The Frog Prince Moral Stories for Kids

The princess was devastated. She loved her golden ball more than anything else in the world. She began to cry, and her tears fell into the pond. Suddenly, a voice from the water said, “Why are you crying, dear princess?

Startled, the princess looked around but saw no one. She thought it must be the wind playing tricks on her. But then the voice spoke again, “I can help you retrieve your golden ball, but you must promise me something in return.”

The princess, desperate to get her ball back, asked, “Who are you, and what do you want?”

A green frog with glistening eyes emerged from the pond. He said, “I am a magical frog, and I can fetch your golden ball from the deep water. However, in return, you must promise to let me eat with you at your table, sleep in your bed, and be your friend.”

The princess was taken aback. She didn’t want to spend time with a frog, but her love for the golden ball was strong. So, with a heavy heart, she agreed to the frog’s request. The frog jumped into the pond, retrieved the golden ball, and handed it to the princess. She was overjoyed and hurried back to the castle, quickly forgetting about her promise.

That evening, as she sat down to dinner, there was a knock on the door. To her surprise, it was the frog. He reminded her of the promise she had made, and the princess reluctantly allowed him to join her at the table. She couldn’t bear the thought of eating with a frog, so she picked at her food and sulked.

After dinner, the frog asked the princess to keep her promise and let him sleep in her bed. She was disgusted by the idea and placed the frog on a nearby chair. However, when she went to bed, she couldn’t sleep. Her conscience weighed heavily on her, and she finally picked up the frog and placed him on her pillow.

The next morning, to her astonishment, the frog had transformed into a handsome prince! He explained that he had been under a spell, and only the princess’s kindness and keeping her promise had broken the curse. They became fast friends and soon fell in love.

The moral of the story is that promises should never be broken, and kindness can lead to unexpected and wonderful rewards. The princess learned that true beauty lies within, and sometimes, it takes keeping your word to discover the magic in others. And so, they lived happily ever after in the grand castle, knowing that their love had blossomed because of a promise kept.

The Frog Prince Moral Stories for Kids

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