The White Elephant Story in English

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The White Elephant Story in English
The White Elephant Story in English

The White Elephant Story

Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, there lived a wise and kind king. This king was known for his fairness and generosity. One day, a rare and majestic white elephant was discovered in the dense forests on the outskirts of the kingdom. The news of the white elephant spread far and wide, capturing the attention of the people.

In many cultures, a white elephant is considered a symbol of great fortune and blessings. The people believed that whoever possessed the white elephant would be granted prosperity and good luck. When the king heard about this extraordinary discovery, he decided that the white elephant should be a royal possession and a symbol of the kingdom’s prosperity.

The king ordered his ministers to bring the white elephant to the palace, where it was housed in a specially built enclosure. The entire kingdom celebrated the arrival of the white elephant, and it became a symbol of good fortune for the people.

However, as time passed, the cost of maintaining the white elephant became a burden on the kingdom’s resources. The royal treasury was depleted, and the people started to feel the strain of the economic downturn. The once-revered white elephant had become a financial liability.

The king, wise as he was, recognized the dilemma and pondered a solution. Instead of holding onto the white elephant and causing further strain on his kingdom, he decided to gift it to a neighboring kingdom that admired the majestic creature.

The neighboring king was thrilled to receive such a rare and valuable gift. The people of the first kingdom were relieved of the financial burden, and the white elephant continued to be a symbol of prosperity in its new home.

The moral of the story is that sometimes, what seems like a great fortune may turn into a burden. The wise decision lies in recognizing the changing circumstances and adapting to them for the greater good.

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