The Word Poem by Kabir

Kabir, a 15th-century Indian mystic poet, wrote his poems in the medieval language of the region, which was a mix of Hindi and other dialects. Translating his work to English is a complex task as it involves preserving the essence and cultural nuances of his poetry. Here is an English translation of the poem “The Word Poem by Kabir:

The Word Poem by Kabir
The Word Poem by Kabir

The Word

Find the word, understand the word,

Depend on the word;

The word is heaven and space, the word the earth,

The word the universe.

The word is in our ears, the word is on our tongues,

The word the idol.

The word is the holy book, the word is harmony,

The word is music.

The word is magic, the word the Guru.

The word is the body, the word is the spirit, the word is being,

The word Not-being.

The word is man, the word is woman,

The Worshipped Great.

The word is the seen and unseen, the word is the existent

And the non-existent.

Know the word, says Kabir,

The word is All-powerful.

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