Three Fish Moral Stories for Kids

Here are three moral stories about fish for kids:

Three Fish Moral Stories in English

Three Fish Moral Stories for Kids
Three Fish Moral Stories for Kids

1. The Wise Fish

Once upon a time, in a clear, sparkling stream, there lived three fish: Red, Blue, and Green. They were great friends. One sunny day, as they swam together, they noticed a fisherman with a net approaching.

Red, the impulsive fish, panicked and said, “I will swim as fast as I can to escape the net.” But he didn’t make it and got caught.

Blue, the cautious fish, said, “I will hide under a rock until the danger is gone.” He survived the threat.

Green, the wise fish, thought for a moment. Instead of rushing or hiding, he calmly swam deeper into the stream, where the fisherman’s net couldn’t reach. He was safe.

The moral of the story: In times of trouble, it’s better to think before you act, like the wise fish, Green.

2. The Selfish Fish

In a vast ocean, there lived a fish named Finn. He was known for his beautiful scales and speed. But Finn was selfish and never shared his food with others.

One day, there was a severe food shortage in the ocean. Other fish were starving, and they asked Finn for help. He refused, thinking only of himself.

As time passed, the situation worsened. Eventually, Finn also ran out of food. He realized his mistake and asked for help, but the other fish remembered his selfishness and turned him away.

Finn learned the hard way that being selfish only leads to loneliness and misery.

The moral of the story: It’s important to share and help others in times of need, for kindness is always rewarded.

3. The Brave Little Fish

In a pond full of big fish, there was a small fish named Sammy. He was often teased by the larger fish and made to do their bidding. But Sammy was determined to prove himself.

One day, a hungry heron appeared, ready to feast on the pond’s fish. All the big fish were terrified and hid. Sammy, however, decided to act. He swam towards the heron, darting in and out of the water, making it difficult for the heron to catch him.

Sammy’s bravery and agility impressed the heron, and it flew away in search of an easier meal. The other fish were safe, and they realized that Sammy, despite being small, had a big heart.

The moral of the story: Size doesn’t matter when you have courage and determination. Be brave like Sammy, and you can overcome any challenge.

These moral stories teach kids valuable lessons about wisdom, kindness, and bravery through the adventures of fish characters.

Three Fish Moral Stories for Kids in english

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