Farmer Poem in English

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Farmer Poem in English
Farmer Poem in English

Farmer Poem in English

In fields of green where sunlight gleams,
A farmer toils, pursuing dreams.
With calloused hands and weathered brow,
He plows the earth, both then and now.

From dawn till dusk, beneath the sky,
He plants the seeds, watches them fly.
With hope and grit, he sows the land,
A steward true, with sturdy hand.

The tractor hums, a rhythmic song,
As furrows form, the day grows long.
Through seasons’ dance and nature’s sway,
He labors on, come what may.

Through golden days and stormy nights,
He tends his flock, defends their rights.
With steadfast heart, he faces strife,
For every harvest reaps his life.

The crops may rise, a vibrant sea,
A testament to industry.
Yet, deep within, the farmer knows,
Success is earned, not just by rows.

In barns and silos, treasures store,
The fruits of labor, evermore.
With grateful heart and soil-stained hands,
He nurtures life on fertile lands.

So here’s to the farmer, strong and true,
Whose spirit grows in all he’ll do.
In fields of green and amber hues,
His legacy, forever renews.

Farming Poems in English

Ode to the Plow– Farmer Poem

In fields of gold, ‘neath azure skies,
The farmer’s plow, with steadfast eyes.
It cuts through soil, a furrow deep,
In nature’s dance, a promise to keep.

Through dawn’s first light to twilight’s hush,
The plowman toils, his spirit lush.
With calloused hands and sweat-stained brow,
He sows the seeds, a solemn vow.

The earth, his canvas, rich and brown,
A patchwork quilt of rural renown.
Each row a verse, a stanza clear,
A symphony of seasons, year by year.

Harvest Sonnet- Farmer Poem by Daily Pedia

Amidst the amber waves of grain,
A harvest dance, a golden reign.
The sun, a spotlight, casts its glow,
On fields that ripple, ebb, and flow.

The farmer’s hands, both strong and true,
Harvesting dreams that once just grew.
With every kernel, a tale unfolds,
Of tireless toil, where stories are told.

From dawn till dusk, the reaper’s song,
Echoes through valleys, all day long.
Bushels filled, a bountiful yield,
A testament to the fertile field.

The Orchard’s Lullaby– Farmer Poem

Beneath the orchard’s leafy boughs,
A lullaby of whispers, gentle vows.
Apples blushing, ripening slow,
In the orchard’s cradle, they gently grow.

The farmer tends with tender care,
Pruning branches, sunlight to share.
Each blossom, a promise in the breeze,
A future harvest among the trees.

As daylight fades, the orchard hums,
A lullaby for the setting suns.
In every apple’s sweet embrace,
A testament to nature’s grace.

The Farmer’s Creed- Farmer Poem on Daily Pedia

In furrowed fields and open skies,
The farmer’s creed, with steady eyes.
To till the soil, to sow the seed,
A timeless pact, a sacred deed.

From planting’s start to harvest’s end,
A journey walked with steadfast friend.
The land, a partner in this dance,
A livelihood, a sweet romance.

Through sunlit days and moonlit nights,
The farmer toils ‘neath twinkling lights.
With hands that toil, and heart that grieves,
He sows the earth, a farmer’s creed.

God Bless The Farmer Poem
God Bless The Farmer Poem

God Bless The Farmer Poem

In fields of green, beneath the sun,
A farmer’s work is never done.
With calloused hands and brow of sweat,
He tends the soil, his needs to met.

God bless the farmer, noble and true,
Sowing the seeds that life may renew.
Through seasons changing, his labor endures,
A guardian of land, his heart ensures.

With plow and hoe, he breaks the ground,
A steward of Earth, in silence profound.
Through dawn’s first light to dusk’s embrace,
He toils with purpose, a life of grace.

God bless the farmer, provider of bread,
In furrowed fields, his story is spread.
From golden harvest to the setting sun,
His journey unfolds, a tale well-spun.

Through wind and rain, and nature’s test,
He faces each challenge with unwavering zest.
For in his hands, a nation’s roots lie,
God bless the farmer, under the vast sky.

So here’s a prayer for the one who sows,
In sunlight’s warmth or winter’s snows.
May the harvest be bountiful, the labor kind,
God bless the farmer, heart and mind.

Poem on Farmer

In fields of gold where sunlight weaves,
A humble soul, the farmer, grieves.
Hands calloused, weathered by the sun,
A life of toil, a battle won.

With plow in hand, he tills the earth,
A dance of labor, a timeless birth.
Seeds sown like hopes in furrows deep,
He guards the secrets that soil keeps.

Through seasons’ dance, his heart persists,
In rain or drought, his spirit insists.
He tends to crops with tender care,
A custodian of the land so rare.

From dawn’s first light to twilight’s kiss,
He works the land, a cherished bliss.
A steward of the rural expanse,
His life entwined with nature’s dance.

Through storms that rage and winds that wail,
He stands resilient, a human gale.
In harvest’s glory, joy unfurls,
Rewards reaped from the patient swirls.

Yet, often unseen, his struggle bears,
The weight of dreams, the load he shares.
A simple life, profound and deep,
In furrows etched, his stories seep.

Oh, farmer true, foundation strong,
In every hymn, in every song,
Your toil, a ballad, echoes far,
A tribute to the avatar of the rural star.

Poem on Farmer in English
Poem on Farmer in English

Poem on Farmer in English

In fields of gold beneath the sun,
A farmer toils, his work well done.
With calloused hands and weathered face,
He tends the land with patient grace.

From dawn till dusk, his labor flows,
As rows of crops in rhythm grow.
He plows the soil, a humble dance,
Creating life with each advance.

Seeds sown with hope, in furrows deep,
Awakening a promise to keep.
Through seasons’ dance of rain and sun,
The farmer’s work is never done.

With weary bones and worn-out shoes,
He battles elements, win or lose.
Yet, in his heart, a steadfast fire,
A love for land that won’t expire.

Crops may fail and markets shift,
Yet still, the farmer’s spirits lift.
For in his care, the earth finds voice,
A symphony of growth, a choice.

Through hardships faced and trials borne,
The farmer stands, resilient, worn.
His harvest reaps more than just grain,
A testament to strength and gain.

So let us honor those who till,
Whose hands shape landscapes, bend to will.
In fields of green or fallow ground,
The farmer’s story, forever renowned.

Best Farmer Poem in English

In the heart of the fertile fields,
Where golden grains their treasures yield,
A farmer toils with calloused hands,
Tending to the fertile lands.

From dawn till dusk, in sunlit hours,
He nurtures seeds and tends to flowers.
With every furrow, every row,
His dedication begins to show.

Through seasons change, he perseveres,
Facing challenges, overcoming fears.
The plow he guides, the earth he turns,
In the fields, a lesson he learns.

With weathered face and weathered hat,
He works the land, an acrobat.
A dance with nature, a timeless art,
A farmer’s passion from the heart.

In the rhythm of the harvest song,
His spirit, resilient and strong.
He reaps the fruits of sweat and toil,
A testament to the fertile soil.

In the barns, the bounty’s stored,
A testament to labor poured.
Crops that sway in the summer breeze,
Whispering secrets of the farmer’s expertise.

Oh, farmer, guardian of the earth,
Your labor, a testament of its worth.
Through every season, come rain or shine,
In the fields, your legacy will intertwine.

So here’s a tribute, in words well-spun,
To the farmer, under the radiant sun.
For in the symphony of nature’s scheme,
You are the composer of the farmer’s dream.

Death of a Farmer Poem

In the quiet fields where crops once swayed,
A farmer toiled, in sun and shade.
His hands were weathered, worn and strong,
A life of labor, enduring long.

With every seed that he did sow,
Hope would blossom, and dreams would grow.
From dawn till dusk, he plowed the land,
Nurturing life with weathered hands.

Through seasons changing, year by year,
He faced the challenges without fear.
The sun, the rain, the winds that blew,
Yet, steadfast he stood, his purpose true.

The fertile earth, his steadfast friend,
Provided bounty, from end to end.
But time, relentless, took its toll,
As seasons passed and stories told.

The farmer aged, like crops in fall,
He heard the Reaper’s distant call.
With furrowed brow and tired eyes,
He faced the truth, with no goodbyes.

No longer would he till the earth,
No longer know the harvest’s worth.
His legacy, a golden sheaf,
A life well-lived, beyond belief.

In the quiet fields where crops once swayed,
A farmer rests, in peace, conveyed.
His spirit lingers in the soil,
A testament to honest toil.

Farmers day Poem in English

In fields of green where crops do sway,
On this special Farmers’ Day, we say,
Thank you to those who toil the land,
With calloused hands and hearts so grand.

From dawn till dusk, beneath the sun,
Farmers work until the day is done,
Seeds planted with hope in fertile soil,
Nurtured with sweat and earnest toil.

They plow the earth with sturdy might,
Guided by the soft moonlight,
A dance with nature, a timeless art,
A symphony played from the farmer’s heart.

Through seasons changing, a constant flow,
From seeds to harvest, they watch things grow,
With weather’s whims and challenges faced,
They stand resilient, never to be erased.

Cows graze gently in meadows wide,
Chickens cluck and roosters bide,
The barns are filled with bounties reaped,
A farmer’s promise forever kept.

So here’s to the farmers, strong and true,
The backbone of the land, the chosen few,
On this special day, we tip our hat,
Grateful for the harvest, thankful for that.

For every fruit, for every grain,
For every drop of the pouring rain,
For the land they nurture, the food they sow,
Happy Farmers’ Day, let gratitude grow.

Wendell Berry Mad Farmer Poem

Wendell Berry’s “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front” is a thought-provoking poem that encourages a reconnection with nature and a rejection of conventional societal values. Here is an excerpt from the poem:

Love the quick profit, the annual raise,
vacation with pay. Want more
of everything ready-made. Be afraid
to know your neighbors and to die.

And you will have a window in your head.
Not even your future will be a mystery
any more. Your mind will be punched in a card
and shut away in a little drawer.

When they want you to buy something
they will call you. When they want you
to die for profit they will let you know.

So, friends, every day do something
that won’t compute. Love the Lord.
Love the world. Work for nothing.
Take all that you have and be poor.

Love someone who does not deserve it.

These powerful words encourage a different perspective on life, urging individuals to embrace simplicity, reject materialism, and find value in genuine connections and love.

Small poem on Farmers in English

In fields of gold where sunsets blaze,
A farmer toils through endless days.
Hands calloused, weathered by the earth,
A steward of the land since birth.

Seeds sown with hope in fertile ground,
Harvest dreams in every mound.
From dawn till dusk, their labor true,
A bond with nature, old yet new.

Underneath the open sky,
They plow the land, their spirits high.
Rain or shine, through every storm,
Farmers nurture, their hearts warm.

Crops that sway in gentle breeze,
Whisper tales of toil and ease.
A dance with seasons, nature’s song,
A farmer’s journey, brave and strong.

For in their hands, the seeds of life,
Endless cycles, free from strife.
From dawn till dusk, they never tire,
Guardians of the rural mire.

So let us honor, with gratitude,
The farmers’ hands that toil and brood.
In fields of green and amber hue,
Their dedication forever true.

God made a Farmer Poem Words
God made a Farmer Poem Words

God made a Farmer Poem Words

The phrase “God made a Farmer” is associated with a famous speech by Paul Harvey during a 1978 Future Farmers of America convention. The speech celebrated the hard work and dedication of farmers. Here’s an excerpt from the speech:

“And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, ‘I need a caretaker.’ So God made a farmer.

God said, ‘I need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows, work all day in the fields, milk cows again, eat supper, and then go to town and stay past midnight at a meeting of the school board.’ So God made a farmer.

‘I need somebody with arms strong enough to rustle a calf and yet gentle enough to deliver his own grandchild. Somebody to call hogs, tame cantankerous machinery, come home hungry, have to wait lunch until his wife’s done feeding visiting ladies, then tell the ladies to be sure and come back real soon, and mean it.’ So God made a farmer.”

  • The full text of the speech is copyrighted, but I hope this excerpt captures the essence of “God made a Farmer” for you.

Poem on Indian Farmer in English

In the heart of the fertile land, where sun-kissed fields expand,
A stalwart figure tills the soil, with calloused hands and earnest toil.
The Indian farmer, proud and strong, amidst the crops, he labors long,
Bearing the weight of hopes and dreams, beneath the sun’s relentless beams.

From dawn till dusk, his plow does dance, in rhythmic motion, a humble trance,
Sowing seeds with patience rare, a custodian of Earth’s welfare.
With weathered face and furrowed brow, he tends to crops that steadily grow,
His dedication, a timeless song, as generations pass along.

Monsoons bring life, the farmer’s prayer, for rain to quench the soil’s despair,
He watches skies with hopeful eyes, as clouds paint tales of changing skies.
Through sweltering heat and biting cold, his spirit unwaveringly bold,
The farmer toils, a guardian true, nurturing the land he knew.

In the shadow of the banyan tree, the farmer rests, his soul set free,
A simple life, yet rich in grace, connected to the sacred space.
He treads the earth with reverence deep, a promise to his roots to keep,
Harvesting grains and stories old, weaving a tapestry, untold.

But, often burdened by debts untamed, his struggles, though, remain unnamed,
Yet, in his heart, resilience thrives, as seeds of hope in furrows thrive.
The Indian farmer, backbone strong, in every harvest, a hopeful song,
A steward of the land, so vast, in every grain, the echoes last.

Through cycles of life, seasons untold, the Indian farmer’s tale unfolds,
A guardian of nature’s plan, an unsung hero in this vast span.
In every furrow, in every field, his story, an anthem unrevealed,
For the Indian farmer, firm and true, in every harvest, a nation grew.

Farmer Poem for Funeral

In fields of gold and skies so blue,
A farmer toils, his work so true.
With calloused hands and heart so strong,
He tended to the land his whole life long.

Rows of crops, a vibrant sea,
Each plant a testament to his legacy.
Through seasons’ dance and weather’s might,
He labored on from morning light.

The tractor hummed, a steady hymn,
As he plowed the earth, his spirit within.
Seeds of hope, he sowed with care,
Nurturing life with hands aware.

Through sunrise and the setting sun,
His work was never truly done.
In rain or shine, through joy or strife,
He breathed the essence of farm life.

Cows and sheep, their gentle low,
Echoes of a life lived slow.
Barns that stood through years gone by,
Witness to the tears he’d dry.

The harvest reaped, a golden yield,
Fruits of labor in every field.
A farmer’s life, a noble quest,
In nature’s rhythm, he found rest.

Now, as we gather with heavy hearts,
In memory of a life that departs.
Let us honor the farmer’s toil,
A life well-lived, enriched with soil.

The plow is still, the fields lie bare,
But the legacy lingers in the air.
In the quiet of this farewell,
A farmer’s tale, forever we’ll tell.

Poem on Farmer Life in English
Poem on Farmer Life in English

Poem on Farmer Life in English

In fields of green ‘neath endless sky,
A farmer toils, his hands held high.
With calloused palms and furrowed brow,
He sows the seeds, he tends the plow.

Sunrise paints the morning haze,
Awakening a farmer’s earnest gaze.
In golden fields of amber grain,
He reaps the harvest, his toil not in vain.

Through seasons’ dance, a rhythmic tune,
He plants in hope, beneath the moon.
The earth, his canvas, rich and brown,
Each furrow a story, each seed a crown.

Raindrops fall, a gentle kiss,
Nourishing the land in quiet bliss.
Through sweat and toil, he shapes the land,
A steward of nature, a laborer grand.

His herd grazes in meadows wide,
Contented lowing, side by side.
A symphony of life in the pastoral scene,
A farmer’s life, resilient and serene.

Through storms that rage and winds that sigh,
He stands steadfast, beneath the sky.
For in his heart, a love profound,
For the fertile earth, his sacred ground.

Beneath the stars, a quiet night,
He rests his head, a weary sight.
Dreams of harvest, dreams of yield,
A farmer’s life, a bountiful field.

So let us honor those who sow,
Whose hands and hearts, the crops bestow.
In the tapestry of life, their threads entwine,
A farmer’s legacy, an enduring sign.

Born to Be a Farmer Poem

In fields of green beneath the sky,
A farmer’s heart, forever nigh.
Born to toil with hands so strong,
To tend the earth, where they belong.

With sunrise painting hues anew,
The farmer’s day begins to brew.
Born to be a steward true,
Nurturing seeds that life imbue.

The plow carves paths in fertile ground,
A symphony of nature’s sound.
Born to sow, in rhythm sweet,
The farmer’s dance, their humble feat.

Through seasons’ dance, a tireless waltz,
A bond with nature, never false.
Born to weather storms and strife,
Yet cultivating a resilient life.

From dawn till dusk, their hands at play,
In sunlit gold or rain-soaked gray.
Born to be a farmer bold,
Their story written, yet untold.

In crops that sway with winds’ embrace,
A testament to toil and grace.
Born to reap what they have sown,
In every harvest, love is shown.

So honor those with calloused hands,
Who till the soil, where life expands.
Born to be a farmer, true,
Their legacy, forever grew.

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