Mahakal Poem in English

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Mahakal Poem in English
Mahakal Poem in English

Mahakal Poem in English

In the cosmic dance of time,
Where existence and void entwine,
There reigns a force, mighty and prime,
Mahakal, the timeless divine.

Amidst the celestial tapestry,
A symbol of eternity,
Lord of destruction and rebirth,
Mahakal, the essence of the earth.

Bearing the trident, fierce and bold,
In the ashes, stories untold,
Draped in the cosmic night,
Mahakal, the eternal light.

Through cycles of birth and demise,
In the cosmic rhythm, he lies,
Destroyer of the old and decayed,
Mahakal, in shadows portrayed.

Yet in destruction, a creation anew,
A cosmic dance, a cycle true,
In the ashes, life’s seeds sown,
Mahakal’s presence, widely known.

Oh, Mahakal, in the cosmic dance,
Guide us through life’s fleeting trance,
In your embrace, find liberation,
A timeless journey, a divine sensation.

Mahakal Poem
Mahakal Poem

Mahakal Poem

In the realm where shadows dance,
Bathed in the cosmic radiance,
There emerges a sovereign force,
Mahakal, the timeless source.

In the tapestry of night and day,
He weaves the threads, in a cosmic ballet.
A trident in hand, a symbol of might,
Commanding time with celestial light.

Oh Mahakal, the cosmic seer,
Guardian of realms, both far and near.
In the cosmic dance, a rhythmic trance,
A timeless melody, a divine romance.

Eternal cycles in your cosmic gaze,
Stars and galaxies in a cosmic maze.
Time, a river flowing through your fingers,
A cosmic symphony that forever lingers.

Lord of destruction, in the dance of creation,
A cosmic balance, a divine equation.
In the cosmic cycle of birth and decay,
You guide the way, the eternal relay.

Oh Mahakal, in the cosmic expanse,
Your presence felt in every chance.
In the whispers of the cosmic wind,
A reminder of the timeless within.

In the dance of atoms, in the cosmic sea,
You are the essence, the eternity.
Mahakal, the cosmic poem unfolds,
In the cosmic script, your story molds.

Lord Shiva Poem in English
Lord Shiva Poem in English

Lord Shiva Poem

In the cosmic dance of eternal bliss,
Lord Shiva, the divine, exists.
With ash smeared upon his radiant skin,
A crescent moon adorns his matted bin.

Mighty Trident, held with grace,
Symbol of power in every space.
The Ganges flows from his sacred hair,
Washing away all worldly despair.

Draped in serpents, a sacred sight,
Symbolizing triumph over darkest night.
The third eye, a beacon of cosmic sight,
Unveiling truths in the profoundest light.

Mount Kailash, his celestial abode,
Where devotion and wisdom freely strode.
In meditation, a tranquil repose,
He reflects the cosmic ebb and flows.

Nataraja, the cosmic dancer in a cosmic ring,
With flames beneath his holy feet spring.
Destroyer of ignorance, embodiment of grace,
Lord Shiva, in every heart, finds a place.

In the sacred river of life, he forever weaves,
A tapestry of existence where eternity conceives.
Lord Shiva, the auspicious one, we adore,
In his cosmic embrace, forevermore.

Poem on Mahakal in English
Poem on Mahakal in English

Poem on Mahakal in English

In the realm where shadows dance,
A deity of time and chance.
Mahakal, the cosmic force,
With trident strong and fierce discourse.

In Kashi’s sacred, ancient land,
He holds dominion, a timeless stand.
Lord of dissolution, cycles divine,
In cosmic rhythm, his powers entwine.

Bathed in ashes, a sacred shroud,
Mahakal’s presence, both silent and loud.
Third eye blazing, with wisdom’s fire,
He governs fate, never to tire.

Yama, the god of the final breath,
In Mahakal’s realm, bows to death.
Yet, in the void, new life springs,
As time’s eternal dance takes wings.

O Mahakal, in the cosmic sea,
Your trident guides destiny.
From birth to death, in cycles spun,
The journey ends, the new begun.

In the echoes of the temple bells,
The mystic lore, the story tells,
Of Mahakal, the Lord of Time,
Unveiling mysteries, sublime.

So, bow we must to the cosmic sway,
To Mahakal, in reverence, we pray.
In the dance of life, the cosmic ball,
He watches over, the ruler of all.

Shivaratri Poem in English
Shivaratri Poem in English

Shivaratri Poem in English in 2024

In the sacred night of Shiva’s grace,
Bathed in moonlight’s soft embrace.
Shivaratri dawns, a celestial sight,
A dance of shadows, in mystic light.

Amidst the chants, a sacred hymn,
Echoes through realms, both near and dim.
In every heart, devotion takes flight,
On this hallowed Shivaratri night.

The lingam stands in silence bold,
A symbol of cosmic tales untold.
Lord Shiva, in meditation deep,
Awakens souls from worldly sleep.

A river of time, it gently flows,
As devotees in reverence, bow and prose.
Mantras weave a tapestry divine,
A union with the cosmic design.

Nandi, the guardian, with watchful eyes,
As chants of “Om Namah Shivaya” rise.
The cosmic serpent, draped in grace,
Weaves through realms, a divine embrace.

In ash-smeared faces, devotion shines,
A pilgrimage of souls in sacred lines.
The night unfolds, a cosmic play,
Where Shiva’s presence holds its sway.

Through darkness, a journey to the light,
Shivaratri’s blessings, pure and bright.
In every heart, a spiritual roar,
A celebration of the eternal core.

Oh, Shiva, the timeless cosmic king,
In your adoration, we joyously sing.
On this Shivaratri night in twenty-four,
Your divine essence, we deeply adore.

Poem on Mahakal
Poem on Mahakal

Poem on Mahakal

In the realm of shadows and cosmic haze,
Where time unravels in a mystic maze,
Mahakal reigns with a trident’s embrace,
A deity beyond, in sacred grace.

Upon the canvas of the cosmic night,
His dance unfolds, a celestial light,
Destroyer of illusions, creator divine,
Mahakal’s presence, an ancient sign.

In the cosmic ocean, waves of might,
Eternal rhythm, day and night,
A fierce protector, a silent guide,
Mahakal’s essence, time does bide.

Ashen robes cloak the Lord of Time,
In the sacred stillness, a rhythm sublime,
Whispers of mantras, chants of the bold,
Mahakal’s story, through ages told.

The third eye gazes, wisdom profound,
In the cosmic dance, creation’s sound,
From the ashes rise new beginnings,
Mahakal’s grace, the universe winning.

Oh, Mahakal, in your cosmic trance,
Guardian of time, in every glance,
From the peaks of Kailash to realms unknown,
Your presence, eternal, like a cosmic throne.

Lord Shiva Puja Poem
Lord Shiva Puja Poem

Poem on Mahakal in 2024

In the cosmic tapestry, a deity profound,
Mahakal reigns with a silent sound.
In the year 2024, his essence prevails,
A timeless force as the universe sails.

With the crescent moon adorning his crown,
He wears the cosmos, a celestial gown.
Through eons and ages, his trident ablaze,
Mahakal’s gaze, a transcendent maze.

In the whispers of the ancient wind,
His name echoes, where destinies are thinned.
A dance of creation, a cosmic ballet,
Mahakal guides, night and day.

Within the stillness of the sacred shrine,
In 2024, his presence divine,
A guardian of realms, a keeper of fate,
Mahakal’s wisdom, in every heartbeat, innate.

As galaxies swirl and constellations align,
Mahakal’s presence, a cosmic sign.
In the cosmic hourglass, where time unfolds,
A tale of eternity, Mahakal holds.

In the realm where dimensions entwine,
Mahakal’s essence, a beacon divine.
2024 unfolds with his cosmic decree,
A journey through realms, limitless and free.

Lord Shiva Poem
Lord Shiva Poem

Mahakal Puja Poem

In the realm where shadows dance and time stands still,
Bathed in the cosmic glow, on Kailash’s sacred hill.
Mahakal, the timeless deity, fierce and divine,
In every heartbeat, your presence does shine.

With trident raised, and third eye’s piercing gaze,
Lord of destruction, in the cosmic maze.
Bless us with strength, O Mahakal so grand,
Guide us through life’s tumultuous sand.

In the echoes of the holy chants we raise,
The cosmic dance unfolds in mystical ways.
Your name, a hymn on devotees’ lips,
In devotion, our spirit forever equips.

On the river of existence, like a steady flow,
Mahakal, your grace makes our spirits glow.
In the sacred Puja, with offerings we pray,
For your blessings to light our way.

O Mahakal, the eternal force we revere,
In your cosmic embrace, we shed all fear.
Grant us courage, wisdom, and peace,
In your divine presence, may all troubles cease.

With the resonance of the sacred bell’s toll,
We seek your blessings, O Mahakal, immortal soul.
In the dance of life, guided by your might,
May we find truth, in your eternal light.

Mahakal, the guardian of time’s endless wheel,
In this Puja, our devotion we reveal.
A poetic ode to your cosmic reign,
In reverence, we surrender, free from all pain.

Mahakal Puja Poem in English
Mahakal Puja Poem in English

Mahakal Puja Poem in English

In the sacred realm where shadows wane,
Bathed in the glow of Mahakal’s reign.
A cosmic dance of time untold,
In the cosmic silence, mysteries unfold.

Oh, Mahakal, the timeless one,
In the cosmic symphony, your dance begun.
With the trident’s might and the third eye’s gaze,
You guide us through life’s intricate maze.

In the sacred river of eternal flow,
Where past and future intertwined, they grow.
Mahakal, the harbinger of cosmic order,
In your divine presence, we find the border.

With ash smeared upon the cosmic skin,
A reminder of life’s transient spin.
In the ceaseless rhythm of creation’s song,
You guide us, Lord, where we belong.

The crescent moon adorns your crown,
As time bows down before your renown.
In the cosmic dance, a sacred trance,
We find solace in your divine expanse.

Oh, Mahakal, the embodiment of time,
In your presence, all fears we resign.
With each beat of the cosmic drum,
You lead us towards the eternal home.

In the sacred puja, we offer our plea,
To the mighty Mahakal, the deity.
With folded hands and humble heart,
We seek your grace, never to depart.

So, in this ode to Mahakal’s might,
May our spirits be bathed in the cosmic light.
In the dance of time, we find our way,
Oh, Mahakal, guide us, we pray.

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