Shivratri Poem in English

Hello friends, we have crafted a Shivratri Poem in English for your enjoyment. After reading it, you will not only find entertainment but also gain insights that can be educational. This poem is designed to be accessible for children, making it a valuable tool for their reading development. Our sincere hope is that you all appreciate our Shivratri Poem.

Save the date for Shivratri 2024 – a celebration of divine energy and spirituality. Mark your calendars for Starting from 09.57 pm on 8th March 2024 till 06.17 pm on 9th March 2024 as we come together to honor Lord Shiva. Let the verses of our poem resonate with the essence of this auspicious occasion and enhance your Shivratri experience.

Shivaratri Poem in English
Shivaratri Poem in English

Shivratri Poem in English

In the silent night of cosmic bliss,
Where stars illuminate the celestial abyss,
A divine dance, a cosmic play,
Shiva’s grace guides us on this mystical sway.

On Shivratri night, the moon bows low,
Casting shadows with a soft, silver glow.
In the heart of the temple, incense swirls,
As devotees chant, their devotion unfurls.

Lord Shiva, with ash smeared on his mighty chest,
Wears the Ganges as a sacred crest.
A serpent coils around his matted hair,
A symbol of time, in his cosmic lair.

Nandi, the bull, in quiet repose,
Listens to the river Ganga as it flows.
In the temple, bells echo the cosmic sound,
As prayers and hymns in devotion abound.

The third eye opens, a powerful sight,
A beacon of wisdom, dispelling the night.
Shiva, the yogi, in deep meditation,
Guides us to find our inner salvation.

On this sacred night, a divine union,
The Lingam bathed in holy ablution.
Devotees offer flowers, fruits, and love,
Seeking blessings from the heavens above.

Damaru beats and trishul gleams,
In the cosmic realm, reality teems.
Shiva, the destroyer, yet the ultimate guide,
In his grace, all illusions subside.

Oh, Mahadev, the eternal source,
In your cosmic dance, we find our course.
On this auspicious Shivratri night,
We surrender to your divine light.

Shivratri Poem
Shivratri Poem

Shivratri Poem

In the night of Shiva’s dance,
Amidst the flames, in a trance,
Echoes resound, the mystic’s call,
On Shivratri, the greatest of all.

The drumbeat thunders, hearts align,
In devotion’s glow, souls entwine,
As shadows dance in flickering light,
Shiva’s grace, a divine sight.

Through the veil of time, ancient and grand,
Shiva, the destroyer, yet creator’s hand,
In every atom, in every breath,
Resides the dance of life and death.

Oh, seeker, in this sacred hour,
Feel Shiva’s presence, his mystic power,
In stillness find, in silence hear,
The cosmic rhythm, ever near.

On Shivratri’s eve, let’s bow our head,
To the Lord of Lords, the one who treads,
The path of truth, the path of light,
In Shiva’s embrace, find eternal flight.

So let us chant, with fervent zeal,
Om Namah Shivaya, let our spirits heal,
In reverence, in love, in pure devotion,
Celebrate Shivratri, with heartfelt emotion.

Shivratri 2024 Poem
Shivratri 2024 Poem

Shivratri 2024 Poem

In the moonlit night of Shivratri’s grace,
A sacred dance, Lord Shiva’s embrace.
The cosmos hums with a mystical song,
As devotees chant, the night prolongs.

A river of devotion, flowing pure,
Mount Kailash echoes, a tranquil lure.
Nandi the bull, in reverence bows,
To the Lord of Dance, who disbands all woes.

The Trident held with cosmic might,
Destiny shaped in the divine light.
Third eye open, wisdom profound,
In meditation, silence is found.

On this auspicious night, we pray,
To Shiva, the guide on life’s rugged way.
Om Namah Shivaya, the mantra’s call,
Resonates deep, in the soul’s thrall.

The sacred ashes, adorn his form,
Symbolic of life’s transient norm.
Blessings cascade from the matted hair,
A cosmic dance beyond compare.

As the night unfolds in mystic grace,
Shiva’s presence we deeply embrace.
In every atom, in every breath,
Shiva resides, conquering death.

Shivratri’s dance, a celestial sight,
In the tapestry of time, a sacred rite.
Oh, Lord Shiva, in devotion we dive,
On this Shivratri, may your grace revive.

Mahakal Poem in English
Mahakal Poem in English

Mahakal Poem in English in 2024

In the sacred realm where time stands still,
A cosmic dance, the universe’s will.
Mahakal, the eternal, the destroyer and creator,
In the cosmic symphony, the ultimate equator.

With a trident in hand and a crown of flame,
Shiva reigns supreme, in his timeless name.
In the depths of silence, where echoes reside,
Mahakal’s presence, a constant guide.

The third eye opens, a gaze so divine,
Penetrating illusions, the truth to define.
Destruction and creation, a cycle profound,
In Mahakal’s dance, the universe is bound.

On the crest of Mount Kailash, the abode so high,
Whispers of mantras fill the sky.
In the river of time, the Tandava unfolds,
A celestial dance, where mystique beholds.

Lord of ascetics, adorned in ash,
A cosmic tapestry, a divine clash.
Beneath the banyan tree, in tranquil repose,
Mahakal’s essence eternally flows.

In the cosmic dance, a rhythm untold,
Creation’s story and destruction unfold.
Beyond mortal vision, in realms unseen,
Mahakal’s presence, forever serene.

Oh, Mahakal, in your cosmic embrace,
All illusions dissolve, leaving no trace.
In the dance of life, in the dance of death,
You are the eternal, the immortal breath.

As the universe sings its cosmic song,
Mahakal’s dance echoes strong.
In the dance of time, in the dance of space,
The eternal Mahakal, in every trace.

Poem on Shivratri in English
Poem on Shivratri in English

Poem on Shivratri in English

In the mystic realm where shadows dance,
On Shivratri night, in a divine trance.
A cosmic echo whispers through the air,
A celebration of Shiva, beyond compare.

Amidst the stars, a sacred vigil unfolds,
Moonlit tales of a deity, mighty and bold.
Nandi, the loyal companion, stands tall,
As the cosmic river Ganga begins to enthrall.

In the heart of silence, a lingam of light,
A symbol of Shiva, powerful and bright.
Mount Kailash echoes with celestial song,
As devotees chant, the night becomes strong.

A dance of destruction, the Tandava’s grace,
Shiva’s cosmic steps in time and space.
Yet in the ashes, a promise of rebirth,
A cyclical rhythm, a divine mirth.

The serpents adorn his neck with pride,
Symbolic of time’s eternal tide.
With a third eye that sees beyond the veil,
Shiva guards the cosmos, a celestial trail.

The crescent moon rests on his matted hair,
A symbol of time’s cyclical affair.
In meditation, the Lord finds repose,
A cosmic energy that eternally flows.

On Shivratri night, the divine is near,
A time when devotees hold Shiva dear.
In prayers and chants, hearts align,
With the cosmic dance, the sublime design.

So let the sacred bells ring and chime,
On Shivratri night, in the cosmic prime.
In reverence and love, we stand,
In the presence of Shiva, the cosmic grand.

Poem on Shivratri
Poem on Shivratri

Poem on Shivratri

In shadows deep, on sacred night,
Shiva’s dance, a cosmic sight.
Bathed in moonlight’s gentle stream,
Shivratri comes, a mystic dream.

Mountains echo with chanting sweet,
Devotees’ hearts, a rhythmic beat.
In the stillness of the darkened hour,
Shiva’s grace, a potent power.

A crescent moon adorns his brow,
Third eye open, wisdom’s vow.
Dreadlocks dance in wild array,
Symbolizing life’s transient play.

On this night of reverence deep,
Worshipers in silence steep.
Mantras whispered, candles aglow,
A sacred trance, a divine flow.

Nataraja, in cosmic ballet,
Dissolves the world in night’s display.
Destroyer, creator, the cosmic weaver,
Shiva’s essence, the true believer.

With ash upon his radiant skin,
He holds the Ganges, cleansing sin.
Trident poised, a symbol of might,
Guiding seekers toward inner light.

In meditation’s tranquil sea,
The soul unites with eternity.
Shivratri whispers, “Awake, arise,
Transcend the illusion, reach the skies.”

Through cycles vast, the night persists,
A cosmic dance, where time exists.
Shiva’s grace, an endless sea,
On Shivratri, in unity, we flee.

Lord Shiva Poem in English
Lord Shiva Poem in English

Lord Shiva Poem in English

In the cosmic dance of time,
A deity of profound rhyme.
Lord Shiva, the mystic mime,
An essence beyond the paradigm.

In the stillness of the mountain’s crest,
His third eye opens, a cosmic quest.
Destroyer and creator, in divine jest,
He weaves the universe at his behest.

A river of serpents adorns his throat,
Symbolizing power in every note.
The crescent moon, a celestial boat,
Guiding through the night’s remote.

Dreadlocks cascade, a river’s flow,
Symbolizing time’s eternal show.
Ashen smeared, a divine glow,
In meditation, a tranquil plateau.

Nandi, the loyal bull, by his side,
A guardian in whom he confides.
As Ganga descends, a sacred tide,
Purity in the divine divide.

In the dance of Tandava’s flame,
Destruction and creation find their claim.
Yet, in his heart, a timeless aim,
To transcend the illusionary game.

Lord Shiva, in meditation’s trance,
A cosmic energy, a divine dance.
In stillness, in motion, a cosmic chance,
To find the eternal, the soul’s expanse.

Happy Maha Shivratri by Daily Pedia
Happy Maha Shivratri by Daily Pedia

Poem on Shivratri in 2024

In the realm of cosmic dance, on Shivratri’s trance,
2024 unfolds, a celestial romance.
Lord Shiva, the yogi in deep meditation,
Awakens our souls, a divine revelation.

Beneath the crescent moon’s soft glow,
Shiva’s third eye, a mystical show.
Draped in ash, the lord of destruction,
Yet, a harbinger of divine construction.

The Nataraja’s dance, a cosmic ballet,
With each movement, universes sway.
In the echoes of chants, a sacred vibration,
Shiva’s grace, a divine incarnation.

On this Shivratri night, in sacred fire’s light,
Devotees gather, spirits taking flight.
Austerities observed, prayers ascend,
Seeking Lord Shiva, the eternal friend.

In temples adorned, with flowers and flame,
Devotion kindles, invoking the divine name.
Bells resonate, hymns fill the air,
A celestial communion, beyond compare.

The river Ganga, a sacred stream,
Reflects the moon, like in a dream.
As devotees bathe, sins they release,
In Shiva’s embrace, finding inner peace.

Mount Kailash stands, majestic and high,
A symbol of Shiva, piercing the sky.
The trident’s power, the serpent’s embrace,
Symbolizing creation, sustenance, and grace.

Shivratri in 2024, a cosmic celebration,
A time for introspection, a spiritual elation.
May Lord Shiva’s blessings abound,
In every heart, serenity is found.

When is Mahashivratri 8 or 9 March 2024?
When is Mahashivratri 8 or 9 March 2024?

When is Mahashivratri 8 or 9 March 2024?

According to the Panchang, Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi’s date of Phalgun month will start from 09.57 pm on 8 March 2024 and will continue till 06.17 pm on 9 March 2024.

It is said in Shivpuran that on the night of Chaturdashi Tithi of Phalgun Krishna Paksha, Lord Shiva appeared in front of Brahma Ji and Vishnu Ji in the form of Agri Stambh, at that time a voice came from the sky that the devotee who wakes up in the night of this Tithi will take the form of my Linga. Will worship him, he will attain eternal virtue. In such a situation, Mahashivratri fast and worship will be done on 8 March 2024.

Morning and night puja time on Mahashivratri

On Mahashivratri, the fast begins at sunrise and ends the next day, because on this day many people perform Abhishek of Lord Shiva in all four hours of the night. According to this belief, some people break the fast after morning and evening puja.

Mahashivratri 2024 puja muhurat
Morning puja time06.38 am – 11.04 am
Nishita Kaal MuhurtaAM: 12.07 AM – AM: 12.55 AM (9 March 2024)
Night first prahar puja time06:25 pm – 09:28 pm
Night second prahar puja time09:28 pm – March 9, 12.31 am
Night third prahar puja timeMorning: 12.31 – Morning: 03.34
Night Chaturtha Prahar Puja TimeAM: 03.34 AM – AM: 06:37 AM
Fasting time06.37 am – 03.28 pm (9 March 2024)
Maha Shivratri Poem in English
Maha Shivratri Poem in English

Shivratri Puja Poem

In the heart of night, a celestial trance,
Shiva’s blessings, a divine dance.
Shivratri whispers in the moonlit air,
A sacred symphony, beyond compare.

As the moon ascends, a silver decree,
Shiva’s glory, for all to see.
Mountains echo with the Lord’s name,
In reverence and love, we proclaim.

The lingam bathed in sacred stream,
A cosmic ritual, a mystic dream.
Devotees chant, with hearts so pure,
In Shiva’s grace, they find the cure.

The trident’s might, a cosmic force,
Guiding us on our earthly course.
Draped in ash, the Lord divine,
In meditation, a trance sublime.

Nandi, the loyal bull, bows in grace,
Guardian of the sacred space.
Mantras echo through the night,
As devotees bask in Shiva’s light.

With crescent moon adorning his crown,
Shiva’s presence, a blessing profound.
Damaru’s beat, a rhythm divine,
Echoes through the cosmic design.

On this Shivratri, in devotion we stand,
In Shiva’s love, a sacred band.
May blessings flow in every prayer,
In the cosmic dance, we all share.

Poem on Mahakal in English
Poem on Mahakal in English

Shivratri Night, A Sacred Delight

In the realm of stars, on Shivratri night,
The cosmos echoes with divine might.
Lord Shiva, the ascetic, in deep meditation,
A cosmic dance, a divine celebration.

Bathed in moonlight, the sacred river flows,
As devotees chant hymns, their reverence grows.
The serenity of the night, a cosmic trance,
A celestial dance, a divine romance.

Nandi, the bull, guards the sacred abode,
Where Shiva resides, in meditation mode.
A crescent moon adorns His matted hair,
Symbolizing grace, a deity beyond compare.

The sound of ‘Om,’ the universe’s hymn,
Echoes through realms, a celestial whim.
In temples adorned with flowers so bright,
Devotees gather on Shivratri night.

The Rudra Tandava, a dance so divine,
Shiva, the cosmic dancer, in His prime.
Destroyer of evils, embodiment of grace,
On Shivratri night, we seek His embrace.

As the lingam stands tall, a symbol of might,
Devotees bow down on Shivratri night.
A night of fasting, prayer, and introspection,
A divine connection, a sacred reflection.

In the silence of the night, a cosmic conversation,
Shiva’s blessings, a source of salvation.
May this Shivratri fill your heart with light,
As you embrace the sacredness of the night.

So, let us unite in prayer and delight,
On this auspicious Shivratri night.
In the divine presence, we find our way,
Wishing you all a blessed Shivratri day!

Shivratri Puja Poem in English
Shivratri Puja Poem in English

Shivratri Puja Poem in English

In the hallowed eve of Shivratri’s grace,
A celestial union in time and space.
Lord Shiva, the yogi in deep contemplation,
A cosmic force, the source of creation.

On this sacred night, the stars align,
A divine energy, pure and benign.
Mountains echo with the sound of prayer,
The scent of incense fills the air.

In the moonlit glow, a tranquil scene,
The Lord’s presence, calm and serene.
His third eye closed in meditation,
A symbol of inner illumination.

The river Ganga, a sacred stream,
Reflecting moonlight in a silver gleam.
As devotees gather in devotion’s trance,
A celebration of cosmic romance.

The sacred mantra echoes loud,
A hymn of praise, a celestial shroud.
Offerings of bilva leaves and water,
Symbolizing love, devotion, and honor.

In temples and homes, a sacred rite,
Shiva’s cosmic dance, a mystical sight.
The lingam, a symbol of the formless divine,
In worship and prayer, our souls entwine.

Oh, Lord Shiva, in your cosmic embrace,
Grant us strength, wisdom, and grace.
On Shivratri’s night, we humbly pray,
Guide us on the path, light our way.

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