Pride Poem in English

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Pride Poem in English

Pride Poem in English
Pride Poem in English

In the tapestry of life – Pride Poem in English

In the tapestry of life, colors arrayed,
A spectrum of pride, boldly displayed.
United we stand, diverse and strong,
A chorus of voices, singing a song.

Pride unfurls its banner, a vibrant embrace,
Each hue, a story, a unique grace.
In the tapestry, threads intertwine,
A celebration of love, a design divine.

Bold and resilient, breaking through the night,
Pride emerges, a beacon of light.
Through struggles faced, battles won,
A journey of acceptance, love under the sun.

No shame in the heart, no need to hide,
For within ourselves, love resides.
Hand in hand, we march with pride,
A symphony of voices, no longer denied.

From Stonewall’s echoes to present-day cheers,
The struggle continues, overcoming fears.
In the face of adversity, we rise above,
A testament to the power of love.

Pride is more than just a month,
It’s a lifetime commitment, an unwavering front.
To be seen, to be heard, to be free,
A celebration of self, for eternity.

So let the colors of pride unfurl,
A symbol of love that swirls and twirls.
In unity we find strength, side by side,
For love knows no bounds – our eternal pride.

My Nation My Pride Poem in English

In the heart of the land where dreams unfold - My Nation My Pride Poem in English
In the heart of the land where dreams unfold – My Nation My Pride Poem in English

In the heart of the land where dreams unfold – My Nation My Pride Poem in English

In the heart of the land where dreams unfold,
A nation stands, resolute and bold.
With colors that paint a story untold,
My nation, my pride, in glory enrolled.

From sea to shining sea, a tapestry unfurls,
Where freedom reigns and justice swirls.
In the embrace of diversity, our strength swirls,
My nation, my pride, as unity hurls.

Mountains rise with an unyielding might,
Reflecting the spirit that takes its flight.
In valleys deep, where rivers unite,
My nation, my pride, in nature’s light.

Oh, the stars and stripes that proudly wave,
A symbol of the brave, the free, the knave.
In every heartbeat, in every stave,
My nation, my pride, in freedom’s cave.

Through history’s pages, a journey traced,
Challenges faced, triumphs embraced.
With courage and grace, in every space,
My nation, my pride, a steadfast base.

With hands that toil and hearts that yearn,
In lessons learned and wisdom earned.
From every corner, in every turn,
My nation, my pride, in passion burn.

In moments of joy and trials faced,
In every step, a legacy chased.
With hope and faith, in dreams encased,
My nation, my pride, in love embraced.

So, let our anthem resound high,
Underneath the vast and endless sky.
For in our unity, we’ll always fly,
My nation, my pride, till time goes by.

My India My Pride Poem in English

In the heart of the East – My India My Pride Poem in English

In the heart of the East, where the sun meets the sky,
A land of diverse cultures, where dreams soar high.
India, my pride, with colors so bright,
A tapestry of traditions, a mesmerizing sight.

From the Himalayas standing tall and grand,
To the shores where the waves gently kiss the sand.
In every corner, a story untold,
A saga of resilience, a history unfold.

With the Ganges flowing, a sacred stream,
Binding the nation in a spiritual dream.
Temples and mosques, side by side,
Harmony in diversity, where unity abides.

The fragrance of spices in the bustling bazaar,
Flavors that dance, a culinary star.
Sarees and turbans, vibrant and bold,
A kaleidoscope of traditions, treasures to hold.

In the fields where farmers toil each day,
A symphony of labor, a humble display.
From the bustling cities to the quiet village green,
A mosaic of landscapes, a sight to be seen.

Gandhi’s words echoing, a call for peace,
In every heart, the hope will never cease.
My India, my pride, a jewel in time,
A nation that weaves a harmonious rhyme.

With festivals that light up the darkest night,
Diwali’s glow, a celestial delight.
Holi’s colors painting joy in the air,
A celebration of life, beyond compare.

In the strides of progress, in technology’s leap,
Yet rooted in tradition, the promises we keep.
India, my pride, with a spirit so wide,
A nation that stands with unwavering pride.

So here’s to the land of the free and the brave,
Where history and future gracefully pave.
My India, my pride, in every stride,
A nation of dreams, forever in my heart reside.

My Name is Pride” Poem

In the realm of self - My Name is Pride” Poem
In the realm of self – My Name is Pride” Poem

In the realm of self – My Name is Pride” Poem

In the realm of self, a potent force,
A name embraced, a powerful course.
I am Pride, standing tall and bold,
A story of triumph, forever told.

In the mirror’s gaze, reflections gleam,
A sense of worth, a vibrant dream.
Confidence flows in every stride,
For in my heart, I am named Pride.

I stand unwavering, a beacon bright,
In the face of challenges, a guiding light.
A tapestry woven with threads of might,
In the symphony of life, I take my flight.

Yet, beware the shadows that may appear,
For arrogance and vanity draw near.
True pride, a humble heart does guide,
In the balance of self, let wisdom reside.

A name not worn with disdain or scorn,
But a symbol of resilience, beautifully worn.
In the narrative of life, let it be implied,
“My name is Pride,” said with grace and pride.

My School My Pride poem in English

In the hallowed halls where knowledge resides – My School My Pride poem in English
In the hallowed halls where knowledge resides – My School My Pride poem in English

In the hallowed halls where knowledge resides – My School My Pride poem in English

In the hallowed halls where knowledge resides,
My school, my pride, where dreams take strides.
With walls that echo the laughter and chatter,
A place where minds expand, where they matter.

In the classrooms, a symphony of pens,
Dancing on paper, creating futures, not ends.
Teachers, the architects of wisdom’s embrace,
Guiding with care, leaving no space.

In the library, a treasure trove untold,
Books whispering secrets, stories unfold.
A haven of learning, where curiosity roams,
My school, my pride, where intellect blooms.

The playground, a canvas of youthful delight,
Echoes of laughter, dreams taking flight.
Friendships blossoming, like flowers in spring,
In the heart of my school, where memories cling.

In every lesson, a nugget of gold,
Nurturing minds, stories untold.
Challenges faced, lessons learned,
In the crucible of knowledge, where flames are earned.

In the colors that adorn the walls,
In the echoes of cheers in crowded halls.
In the spirit of unity, in each stride,
My school, my pride, a beacon of pride.

So here’s to the alma mater, standing tall,
Where we stumble, learn, rise, and fall.
In the tapestry of life, a thread so wide,
My school, my pride, forever my guide.

Short Poems About Pride

In the mirror – Short Poems About Pride

In the mirror, see your stride,
A dance of strength, a wave of pride.
Stand tall, let confidence reside,
In your heart, where dreams abide.

Pride like a flame, burning bright,
Ignites the soul with pure delight.
Embrace your journey, take your ride,
For in your essence, true pride resides.

Colors of courage, a vibrant hue,
Pride blooms in the authentic you.
Celebrate the self, nowhere to hide,
In every step, feel the pulse of pride.

A whisper in the breeze, a confident air,
Pride in yourself, beyond compare.
No need to shrink, no need to subside,
Let your spirit soar, let your pride guide.

Mountains rise, proud and grand,
Reflecting the strength within your stand.
Hold your banner, let it fly wide,
In the symphony of life, let pride be your guide.

My Country My Pride Poem in English

In a land where the sun kisses the sky – My Country My Pride Poem in English
In a land where the sun kisses the sky – My Country My Pride Poem in English

In a land where the sun kisses the sky – My Country My Pride Poem in English

In a land where the sun kisses the sky,
My country, my pride, stands tall and high.
With mountains that touch the heavens above,
A nation of strength, courage, and love.

From sea to shining sea, a beauty untold,
Where stories of history and triumph unfold.
In fields of green and cities of dreams,
United we stand, like powerful streams.

With diversity as our strength, a colorful array,
A tapestry of cultures, each with its own say.
Hand in hand, we walk on this sacred land,
In unity, we rise, an unbreakable band.

Oh, the stars and stripes, waving with pride,
A symbol of freedom, where dreams can’t hide.
In the heart of the people, a fire burning bright,
Guiding us forward, through day and through night.

Through challenges faced and battles won,
Our spirit endures, like the rising sun.
For liberty and justice, we firmly stride,
My country, my pride, in you, we confide.

On this soil, where dreams take flight,
With determination and grit, we reach new height.
A beacon of hope, shining far and wide,
My country, my pride, forever by your side.

Famous Poems About Pride

“Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley – Famous Poems About Pride

I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

Poems About Pride for Self

In the mirror’s gaze – Poems About Pride for Self

In the mirror’s gaze, I find my pride,
A journey within, where strength resides.
A symphony of self, a vibrant song,
In every step I take, I belong.

With every heartbeat, a tale unfolds,
Of resilience and stories, courage holds.
Pride blooms like a flower within my chest,
A testament to my journey, my very best.

In the echo of my laughter, pride resounds,
A celebration of self, where joy surrounds.
I am the architect of my own grace,
Crafting a life that’s uniquely embraced.

Through highs and lows, I stand tall,
For in self-love, I find strength overall.
Pride is not arrogance but a gentle flame,
A warmth that whispers, “I am not the same.”

I wear my scars like badges, tales untold,
Each one a testament to the strength I hold.
With head held high, and heart ablaze,
I navigate life’s maze, my pride ablaze.

For in the tapestry of my existence,
I find pride woven with resilient persistence.
A portrait of self-love, colors bright,
A canvas where I paint my own light.

So let the world see, let it know,
In the garden of pride, I continue to grow.
A tapestry unfolding, a journey wide,
In the embrace of self, I take pride.

Pride Poems that Rhyme

In the rainbow of love – Pride Poems that Rhyme

In the rainbow of love, where colors unite,
Pride shines bright, a beacon of light.
A symphony of voices, a chorus so grand,
Celebrating love across this vast land.

From Stonewall’s uprising, courage did bloom,
A fight for acceptance, breaking the gloom.
In the face of adversity, we stand strong,
Singing our pride in a unified song.

Love knows no boundaries, no judgment, no fear,
In the heart of the rainbow, we draw near.
Hand in hand, we dance to the beat,
Pride in our steps, love at our feet.

With every hue, every shade, every part,
A masterpiece of love, a work of art.
United we stand, diverse and free,
Proudly embracing our identity.

In the tapestry of life, each thread has a role,
Pride weaves a story, a tale to extol.
So let our hearts rhyme in colors so true,
For love is love, and that’s our breakthrough.

Poem on Pride

In the realm of human hearts – Poem on Pride

In the realm of human hearts, where emotions reside,
There dwells a force, both a boon and a tide.
It rises within, like a majestic tide,
A powerful surge, known as human pride.

A beacon of strength, a flame burning bright,
Pride lifts us up to reach an impressive height.
In achievements and triumphs, it takes its stride,
A source of motivation, in which we confide.

Yet, beware the pitfalls, where arrogance lies,
For pride, when unchecked, can cloud clear skies.
A delicate balance, like a tightrope to guide,
As too much pride can lead to a divisive divide.

In unity, a strength, pride finds its grace,
A celebration of uniqueness, a diverse embrace.
But when used as a weapon, to shame or deride,
It fractures connections, leaving wounds open wide.

Let pride be a compass, steering with care,
In the tapestry of life, let compassion declare.
For in humility, true greatness resides,
And together, with pride, we shall surely abide.

Poems About Pride and Arrogance

The Hollow Crown – Poems About Pride and Arrogance

In halls of mirrors, pride takes its throne,
A regal facade, a crown well-worn.
Echoes of arrogance, loud and clear,
Whispers of conceit, the end draws near.

A king of shadows, with a heart of stone,
His arrogance, a seed, within him sown.
Upon a pedestal, he stands alone,
Blinded by pride, a fate overthrown.

Yet, beneath the gleam of the hollow crown,
Lies a soul shackled, slowly breaking down.
For pride, a mirage, a deceptive gown,
Leaves a bitter taste when glory’s flown.

In the court of conceit, where arrogance reigns,
A lonely monarch, in self-made chains.
Deaf to reason, as thundering disdain,
Leads to a fall, a legacy stained.

For pride, a facade, a fleeting masquerade,
Arrogance crumbles, in the shadows laid.
The hollow crown, a symbol displayed,
Of a ruler who lost, his kingdom decayed.

So heed the warning, ye seekers of might,
In the dance of pride, there’s no true light.
Arrogance fades, as shadows unite,
Leaving a ruler in the depth of night.

Short Pride Poems

In colors bold – Short Pride Poems
In colors bold – Short Pride Poems

In colors bold – Short Pride Poems

In colors bold, our hearts entwine,
Pride shines bright, a love divine.
With courage true, we stand tall,
Embracing love, we break down the wall.

Rainbows dance in skies so wide,
Each hue a symbol, side by side.
Pride whispers, “Love is free,”
In every shade, we find unity.

Celebrate the love we share,
A tapestry beyond compare.
Pride blooms in every soul,
United, we make love whole.

Bold and fierce, our spirits soar,
Pride’s anthem, forevermore.
In every step, in every stride,
Love and acceptance, side by side.

With pride, we paint the world anew,
A canvas rich in reds and blues.
In unity, our strength prevails,
Love’s victory, our pride unveils.

Lgbtq poems for school

Colors of Love – Lgbtq poems for school

In a world of black and white,
Where love unfolds its vibrant light,
A spectrum blooms, bold and bright,
Embracing all, with hearts alight.

Red, the warmth of passion’s flame,
Ignites the spark, a love untamed.
Two souls entwined, no need for shame,
In every beat, they share a name.

Orange, a hue of courage strong,
Love’s journey, a melody, a song.
Through trials faced, they carry on,
United hearts, where they belong.

Yellow, like the sun’s embrace,
Radiates joy, a boundless space.
In love’s embrace, they find their place,
A refuge where acceptance graces.

Green, the color of growth and change,
Love’s evolution, diverse and strange.
With open minds, they rearrange,
The norms that once did them estrange.

Blue, a calm and soothing sea,
Reflects the love, vast and free.
In unity, their spirits spree,
A love that defies what used to be.

Indigo, the twilight’s grace,
A love that thrives in every space.
Beyond labels, they find solace,
In the embrace of love’s pure grace.

Violet, the dreams that soar,
A love that breaks down every door.
In acceptance, they explore,
The beauty of love, forevermore.

So let the colors dance and play,
In the spectrum of love, come what may.
For every heart has its own display,
In the tapestry of love, day by day.

Poem on Pride in English

In realms where egos often dance – Poem on Pride in English

In realms where egos often dance,
A tale of pride, a fateful chance.
A boastful wind, a lofty stride,
In the heart of arrogance, where shadows hide.

Upon the stage of life, it plays,
A melody of vainglory, in dazzling arrays.
A mask adorned with feathers bright,
Yet beneath it all, a fragile light.

Pride, a shimmering mirage,
A fleeting flame, a tempting barrage.
It whispers tales of grandeur and might,
Yet blinds the soul to humility’s light.

A tower tall, built on hollow ground,
In the quest for glory, truth is drowned.
Oh, pride! A double-edged blade,
In its reflection, humility can fade.

But let us not dismiss its subtle grace,
For a healthy pride can find its place.
To celebrate achievements, with a humble heart,
Without tearing others, playing a gentle part.

In unity, let pride take flight,
A beacon guiding through the night.
With empathy and kindness as our guide,
May our pride be a force for good, side by side.

Famous Lgbt Poems

Famous LGBT Poems - Famous Lgbt Poems
Famous LGBT Poems – Famous Lgbt Poems

Famous LGBT Poems – Famous Lgbt Poems

“A Supermarket in California” by Allen Ginsberg:
This poem by the iconic Beat poet explores themes of desire and longing, with a focus on the poet’s admiration for Walt Whitman, who is thought to have been gay.

“To the Girl Who Works at Starbucks” by Rudy Francisco:
Rudy Francisco is known for his spoken word poetry, and this piece is a beautiful exploration of love, connection, and the complexities of attraction.

“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot:
While not explicitly an LGBT poem, many scholars and readers have interpreted this modernist classic as a reflection on the challenges of self-expression and identity, including themes related to sexuality.

“A Litany for Survival” by Audre Lorde:
Audre Lorde was a prominent African American lesbian poet, and this poem reflects her experiences as a woman of color and a member of the LGBT community. It’s a powerful exploration of survival and resistance.

“Howl” by Allen Ginsberg:
Another work by Ginsberg, “Howl” is a seminal piece of Beat poetry that discusses the struggles and realities of the counterculture, including themes of homosexuality and the stigmatization of those outside societal norms.

“Trans Bodies, Trans Selves” by Andrea Gibson:
Andrea Gibson is a contemporary spoken word artist, and this poem delves into the experiences of transgender individuals, exploring identity, acceptance, and self-love.

“Ghazal for the Body” by Greg Hewett:
Greg Hewett, a gay poet, writes eloquently about the complexities of the body, desire, and intimacy in this ghazal form.

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