The Brave Ant and the Hungry King Cobra Moral Stories for Kids

In a dense forest, there lived a brave and resourceful ant named Annie. She was known for her determination and courage. In the same forest, there resided a hungry and cunning King Cobra named Hank. Hank was always on the lookout for his next meal, and he often targeted the smaller creatures in the forest.

The Brave Ant and the Hungry King Cobra in English

The Brave Ant and the Hungry King Cobra Moral Stories for Kids
The Brave Ant and the Hungry King Cobra Moral Stories for Kids

One day, Annie and her fellow ants were out searching for food. As they were collecting grains, they heard a rustling in the bushes. It was Hank, the King Cobra, slithering closer with an intent to catch his prey.

Annie knew that she needed to protect her fellow ants from the danger that loomed. She didn’t have the strength to fight the cobra, but she had a clever idea. She approached Hank and said, “Mighty Hank, before you make your meal of us, could you please grant us one last wish?”

Hank was intrigued by this request and agreed, thinking it wouldn’t hurt to indulge the ant’s final wish. He asked, “What is your wish, little ant?

Annie replied, “We ants have a tradition of singing and dancing before we become a meal for someone as grand as you. It would be an honor if you would let us perform our dance before you feast.”

Hank, feeling a bit flattered by the idea of being entertained, agreed to the ant’s request. Annie and her fellow ants began to dance and sing with all their might. They danced and sang so energetically that the forest echoed with their joyful sounds.

As the ants danced, Hank found himself swaying to the rhythm of their music. He was so captivated by their performance that he forgot all about his hunger. When the dance ended, Hank applauded and thanked the ants for their wonderful entertainment.

Annie saw her chance and said, “Oh mighty Hank, we are so grateful that you spared us. We hope you enjoyed our dance. We promise to return and perform for you whenever you wish.”

Hank, now well-fed by the joy of the dance, agreed to let the ants go unharmed. He even smiled and said, “You ants are quite entertaining. I will spare you, and you are welcome to perform for me anytime you like.”

From that day on, Annie and her fellow ants continued to entertain Hank whenever he felt hungry. They formed an unusual but lasting friendship with the King Cobra. Hank learned that sometimes, kindness and cleverness can be more satisfying than a simple meal.

The moral of the story is that wit and resourcefulness can save you even in the face of danger, and that unexpected friendships can arise when you approach others with creativity and goodwill.

The Brave Ant and the Hungry King Cobra Moral Stories for Kids in english

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