Essay on Doctor in English

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Essay on Doctor in English
Essay on Doctor in English

Essay on Doctor in English – 300 Word Content

Aim of my life: To become a doctor. What is the aim of my life? In other words, what do I want to do after completing my education? You will get the answer to this question only when you visit my house for a while and spend some time in my room. There is a cupboard in my room, which is filled with many books (in English) of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I have a small laboratory of my own, which is limited to a small table and a cupboard. Still, whatever science related experiment he did in school. I definitely repeat them when I come home. If you open this cupboard, you will probably get scared, there is a whole hell in it. I have bought it to gain complete knowledge of the human body and skeleton. Grandmother calls my room a junkyard and mother calls my actions strange. But father always appreciates my efforts and sometimes says lovingly that my son will become a doctor and serve the poor people.

My dad really speaks from my heart. The aim of my life is to serve the poor by becoming a doctor. For me this is the wealth of the world. This is the most sacred practice. I can give up all the happiness and wealth of the world but I cannot give up my purpose, I cannot forget my purpose. I have given up all kinds of wasteful expenditure. And have sent annual subscriptions to science and medical magazines. These magazines arrive at my home on time and I read them with great interest. My life goal is to become a doctor.

Essay on Doctor in English – 500 Word Content

Health is man’s invaluable wealth. It is the responsibility of the individual to protect it. But when his health deteriorates he has to seek help from a doctor. The doctor gives him proper medicine and advice. By following the doctor’s instructions, the person gradually starts getting healthy. Doctors are highly respected in the society. It has a great place because it gives new life to a person. It helps a lot in keeping the individual and society disease-free.

A doctor is an expert in the medical system, hence he is able to give proper advice to the patient. He not only gives medicine to the sick person but also tells him a healthy daily routine. He tells a healthy person what kind of diet he should follow so that he can stay away from diseases. In the modern era, there has been an outbreak of new diseases due to urbanization and pollution.

Infectious diseases have been controlled but the incidence of AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart related diseases and mental stress related diseases has increased. Due to the spread of various diseases, the demand for doctors has also increased. In modern medical science, expert doctors first detect the disease and then treat it. They check the patient’s stool, urine, blood, heartbeat etc. so that the disease can be properly diagnosed. Nowadays, technical equipment like microscope, stethoscope, X-ray, CG, ultrasound are being used extensively for diagnosing diseases. Doctors are in demand all over the world.

They are appointed in hospitals and dispensaries. Many doctors run their own private hospitals. Hospitals have modern medical facilities which help the doctors a lot in providing treatment. There are nurses in the hospital to assist the doctors. Nurses give medicine to the patient and take care of him.

Doctors give appropriate advice to the pregnant woman. They take measures for the safety of the mother and child. They start vaccinating the new born child. They rescue the person injured in the accident. They carry out vaccination campaigns to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. They admit critical patients to the emergency room and provide intensive care. The patient is kept in the hospital until his health improves.

Human sensitivity is of great importance in the profession of a doctor. Along with medicine, the patient also needs caress and sympathy. Empathy is related to the mind, when the mind gets proper nutrition then the body gets healthy quickly. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the doctor to treat the patient with human sensitivity and sympathy, to treat mentally ill patients with sympathy, and to look not only at money but also at religion. Religion advises one to experience the suffering of the victim. Medicine is becoming expensive day by day. In such a situation, poor people are unable to get proper treatment.

Doctors should be ready to treat the poor. Needed His focus should be on proper treatment rather than quick disposal of patients. Doctors with these qualities get due respect in the society. It is also the responsibility of sick people to pay attention to the doctor’s advice and not let their hard work go to waste.

The Noble Profession of Medicine: A Journey into the World of Doctors

The profession of a doctor holds a significant and revered place in society. Doctors are often considered the healers of the world, the ones who dedicate their lives to the service of humanity. Their role extends far beyond just diagnosing diseases and prescribing medicines; they are the epitome of compassion, empathy, and knowledge. In this essay, we will delve into the multifaceted world of doctors, exploring their education, responsibilities, and the impact they have on individuals and communities.

Education and Training

Becoming a doctor is a journey that demands years of rigorous education and training. Prospective doctors typically embark on this journey after completing their high school education. They pursue a bachelor’s degree, usually in fields related to science, before gaining admission to medical school. Medical school education lasts for about four years and covers a wide array of subjects, from anatomy and physiology to pharmacology and medical ethics.

Following medical school, aspiring doctors enter residency programs where they receive hands-on training under the supervision of experienced physicians. These residencies can last anywhere from three to seven years, depending on the specialization chosen. During this period, doctors-in-training work long hours, honing their skills, and acquiring the practical knowledge necessary for their future careers.

Responsibilities and Challenges

Doctors bear immense responsibilities. They are entrusted with the lives and well-being of their patients. Their primary duty is to diagnose illnesses, develop treatment plans, and provide care and support to patients. This often involves long hours of work, constant learning to keep up with medical advancements, and the ability to make critical decisions under pressure.

Additionally, doctors must also possess excellent communication skills. They need to explain complex medical conditions and treatments in a way that patients and their families can understand. Empathy is another crucial trait, allowing them to connect with patients on a human level, understand their pain and fears, and provide emotional support.

Doctors face numerous challenges, ranging from the emotional toll of dealing with patients’ suffering to the ethical dilemmas that sometimes arise in medical practice. They must navigate the delicate balance between providing the best possible care and respecting patients’ autonomy and choices.

Impact on Individuals and Communities

The impact of doctors on individuals and communities is immeasurable. They play a vital role in preventing diseases through education and awareness programs. By diagnosing and treating illnesses, they alleviate suffering and improve the quality of life for countless people. In emergencies and disasters, doctors are often the first responders, providing crucial medical aid and saving lives.

Furthermore, doctors contribute significantly to medical research, driving innovations and advancements in healthcare. Their discoveries lead to new treatments, medications, and procedures, benefiting not only current but also future generations.


In conclusion, the profession of a doctor is not just a career; it is a calling, a noble endeavor that requires unwavering dedication, knowledge, and compassion. Doctors stand at the frontline of healthcare, embodying the virtues of selflessness and service. Their impact resonates through individuals, families, and entire communities, making the world a healthier and better place. As we acknowledge the invaluable contributions of doctors, let us also recognize the sacrifices they make and honor them for their tireless efforts in preserving the sanctity of life.

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