“The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde Short Stories

“The Happy Prince” is a beautiful short story by Oscar Wilde. It tells the tale of a golden statue of a prince who was once very wealthy and lived a life of luxury. After his death, the townspeople erected a magnificent statue in his honor, which was covered in gold leaf and adorned with precious gems.

“The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde Short Stories
“The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde Short Stories

However, in the afterlife, the spirit of the prince was not as happy as the townspeople believed. He could see the suffering and poverty in the city, and it pained him deeply. One day, a small swallow passing through the city sought shelter under the statue of the Happy Prince. The prince asked the swallow for a favor: to pluck the gems and gold leaf from his statue and distribute them to the poor and needy.

The generous swallow agreed and spent the entire winter carrying out the prince’s request, even though it meant sacrificing its own comfort and eventually its life. As the swallow plucked away the prince’s riches and helped those in need, the Happy Prince’s heart grew lighter, and he finally felt true happiness.

When spring arrived, the swallow had grown weak and tired, and it knew it would not survive much longer. The Happy Prince asked the swallow to pluck out his last remaining treasure, his sapphire eyes, and give them to a poor seamstress whose son was dying. The swallow did as asked, and as it died, the prince’s heart also broke.

The townspeople were surprised to see the Happy Prince looking dull and gray. They decided to melt down the statue to make a new one, and they threw the broken heart of the prince into the garbage heap. However, the angel who had been watching over the city saw the selfless acts of the Happy Prince and the swallow and decided to take them to heaven.

The story of “The Happy Prince” is a touching and thought-provoking tale that explores themes of compassion, sacrifice, and the true nature of happiness. It reminds us that true happiness can be found in selfless acts of kindness and caring for those less fortunate.

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