“The Night Train at Deoli” by Ruskin Bond Short Stories

“The Night Train at Deoli” is a famous short story written by the renowned Indian author Ruskin Bond. This poignant tale is set in the scenic town of Deoli in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It beautifully captures the essence of young love, longing, and the fleeting moments that leave a lasting impact on our lives.

“The Night Train at Deoli” by Ruskin Bond Short Stories
“The Night Train at Deoli” by Ruskin Bond Short Stories

The story is narrated by an unnamed protagonist who is on his way to Dehradun for his summer vacation. At the Deoli railway station, he encounters a young hill girl selling baskets of oranges. Struck by her beauty and innocence, he strikes up a conversation with her and buys a basket of oranges.

Over the course of several visits to Deoli during his summer vacations, the protagonist continues to meet the girl. Although they never exchange more than a few words, their brief encounters become a source of solace and fascination for him. He finds himself eagerly looking forward to seeing her at the station each year.

However, as time passes, the protagonist realizes that the girl is gradually growing older, and her circumstances may be changing. On his last visit to Deoli, he tries to express his feelings to her but is met with indifference. It becomes evident that the girl has outgrown her childhood innocence and is now a young woman with different priorities.

The story ends with a sense of nostalgia and longing as the protagonist boards the night train at Deoli one last time, leaving behind the memories of those fleeting encounters with the hill girl. “The Night Train at Deoli” is a poignant exploration of the bittersweet nature of young love and the passage of time.

Ruskin Bond’s storytelling in this short story is evocative and emotionally resonant, making it a timeless classic that continues to touch the hearts of readers around the world.

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