Essay on the Importance of Unity

Hello friends, today again I have brought for you a complete article on the essay on the importance of unity. A single soldier runs away in fear of the enemies, but many soldiers together defeat the enemy. You must have heard many such sayings, this shows that there is power in organization. In this article, we have brought for you complete information about Essay on the Importance of Unity, which will help you a lot in getting your child’s homework done.

Essay on the Importance of Unity

Essay on the Importance of Unity
Essay on the Importance of Unity

Preface :

No one can deny that ‘power lies in organization’. Unity is the root of all powers. The progress of any family, nation, society or world depends on organization. With organization even a weak person becomes strong and can achieve happiness and success.

Importance of organization:

The importance of the organization is priceless and indescribable. A single thread is weak and breaks easily. But a rope made of many threads can subdue even big elephants. A single drop of water is priceless, but when the drops come together and become a river, their water becomes Ganga water.

A big palace is built by combining small bricks. A single soldier runs away in fear of the enemies, but many soldiers together defeat the enemy. Many bees together prepare a big hive and give honey. Someone has rightly said, “A gram alone cannot tear.”

Need of organization:

Every person is aware of the power of organization, that is why having a big family does not help. If they are not organized then anyone can harm them. Often in big industries, workers are successful in getting their demands met on the strength of this organization.

If there were no labor organizations and workers had not come together, the capitalists would have made them their victims long ago. Organization is needed everywhere.

Whether the organization is small or big, the work cannot be completed without organization. The more organization there is in a family, caste or country, the more it progresses and others also fear it.

Disadvantages due to lack of organization:

In the absence of organization there are only losses. History is witness to the fact that the biggest reason for India’s subjugation was lack of organization. The British adopted the policy of ‘divide and rule’ and separated Hindus and Muslims and ruled the country.

But when we got organized, the British had to leave the country. In the present era, so many thefts, robberies and robberies are taking place, all of them are due to lack of organization. Today, elders do not live in families, that is why outsiders come and loot the families. Earlier all the brothers lived together, that is why outsiders were afraid of entering the house.

The most vivid example of this is Kannauj King Jaichand and Delhi Emperor Prithviraj. Due to mutual discord, both of them lost their kingdom and also died. If Hindus and Muslims were together in today’s era, then who would be a terrorist? Probably nobody.

Epilogue :

Only through the power of organization can we boldly confront our external and internal enemies. Therefore, it is our duty to remain united for our family, national and social interest.

Essay Importance of Unity

The power of working together is called organization or unity. Organization is the root of all types of powers. Any person, no matter how rich, powerful or intelligent he is. Cannot fulfill his needs alone. He can fulfill his needs only with the help of others. Can do. Any family, society and nation can organize its progress. Can’t do without.

No work is possible without organization. This we We know very well that the entire universe was created by the combination of five elements and there is unlimited power in the organization. Only by being organized can any society achieve happiness, prosperity and success. There are many such examples in front of us which are proof of this.

Anyone can easily break a single thread, but a rope made of many threads can easily tie even the biggest elephant. A single drop of water has no importance, if these drops come together and take the form of a river, then that river carries away even the biggest trees and rocks that come in the way of its flow. History is witness to the fact that the more organized the countries, castes and families are, the greater their dominance in the world.

We know very well that the root cause of India’s subjugation was the lack of organization within us. The British took advantage of this. They created division among us Indians and enslaved us. But when we organized and fought against them, our country became independent. This was the power of organization (unity). Today we need it very much.

Only by getting organized are workers able to protect their interests. In today’s struggling era, only by getting organized will we be able to become more happy and prosperous. Today any country, caste. An organization or society, whether big or small, cannot survive without organization.

Nowadays our country India is facing the challenge of many enemy nations. Apart from these, there are some internal enemies who are bent upon destroying our country. If we want to face these external and internal enemies, we will have to remain united.

Therefore, for the benefit of our family, our society and the country, we should forget all the discriminations.

Essay on the importance of unity in English

Once upon a time, a group of pigeons were flying in the sky in search of food. By mistake, the group went astray and passed through a region where there was a severe famine. The leader of the pigeons was worried. The pigeons were losing strength. It was necessary to get some food soon. The young pigeon of the group was flying lowest. He was the one who had to inform the rest of the team when he saw food.

After flying for a long time, the group came out of the drought-stricken area. When greenery started appearing below, there was hope of getting food. The young pigeon started flying further down. Then he saw a lot of grain scattered in the field below – “Uncle, there is a lot of grain scattered in a field below. We will all be full.”

As soon as Sardar received the information, he ordered the pigeons to come down and peck at the grains scattered in the field. The whole group came down and started plucking the grains. In fact, that grain had been scattered by a fowler who caught birds. His net was on the tree trunk above. As soon as the pigeon group started gathering grains, the net fell on them. All the pigeons got trapped.

The leader of the pigeons beat his head – “Oh! This was a trap spread to trap us. Hunger had clouded my intelligence. I should have thought that there was some point in scattering so much food. Would you regret now? When the birds ate the fields?” A pigeon started crying, “We will all be killed.”

The rest of the pigeons had lost courage, but the Sardar was deep in thought. Suddenly he said – “Listen, it is true that the net is strong, but it also does not have enough power to defeat the power of unity. If we add all our power to 0 then we can avoid death.”

The young pigeon fluttered – “Uncle! Tell me clearly what you want to say. The net has broken us, how to add strength?”

The chief said, “All of you hold the net with your beaks, then when I say fly, fly together with great force.” Everyone did the same. Just then the trapper was seen coming. His eyes sparkled after seeing the pigeons trapped in the net. He held the stick in his hand firmly and ran towards the net. The fowler was just a short distance from the net when the leader of the pigeons said, “Furrrrr!”

When all the pigeons flew together with great force, the entire net rose up into the air and all the pigeons started flying with the net. The fowler was left speechless after seeing the pigeons flying with the net. When he regained his composure, he started running after the net.

When the pigeon chief saw the fowler running after the net below, he understood his intention. The Sardar also knew that it would not be possible for the pigeon group to keep flying with the net for long. But Sardar had a solution for this. A mouse friend of his lived by making a hole on a nearby hill. The chief ordered the pigeons to fly rapidly towards that hill. As soon as they reached the hill, after receiving the signal from the chieftain, the pigeons along with the net landed near the rat hole.

The chief called out to his friend the mouse. The Sardar briefly narrated the whole incident to the rat and asked him to cut the net and free them. Within some time the rat cut the net. The chief thanked his friend rat and the entire pigeon group started flying towards the free sky towards freedom. Lesson: The biggest adversity can be faced by uniting.

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Essay on the Importance of Unity
Essay on the Importance of Unity

The Importance of Unity: Building Stronger Societies and Fostering Global Harmony

Unity is a fundamental concept that has shaped the course of human history. Whether at the level of families, communities, nations, or the world, unity has played a pivotal role in promoting social harmony, peace, and progress. This essay explores the importance of unity in diverse contexts, emphasizing its significance in fostering understanding, resolving conflicts, and promoting collective prosperity.

1. Fostering Social Cohesion

Unity is the bedrock of social cohesion. In a united community, individuals are bound together by shared values, beliefs, and goals. This cohesion creates a sense of belonging and acceptance, leading to stronger social ties and a supportive environment for personal and collective growth. A unified society values diversity and inclusivity, recognizing the unique contributions of each individual while celebrating common humanity.

2. Resolving Conflicts

Unity plays a crucial role in resolving conflicts, be it within a family, among nations, or on a global scale. When parties involved in a conflict embrace unity, they open avenues for dialogue, empathy, and compromise. By focusing on shared interests and common ground, conflicts can be transformed into opportunities for understanding and reconciliation. Unity encourages collaboration, fostering peaceful resolutions and preventing escalation into destructive confrontations.

3. Promoting Collective Prosperity

United communities and nations are better positioned to achieve economic prosperity and sustainable development. Unity promotes cooperation, enabling the pooling of resources, expertise, and efforts towards common goals. Collaboration fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural exchange, leading to economic growth and improved living standards for all. By working together, societies can address challenges such as poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation, ensuring a better future for generations to come.

4. Building Global Harmony

In an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of global unity cannot be overstated. International cooperation is essential for addressing global challenges such as climate change, pandemics, and terrorism. Unity among nations promotes diplomacy, mutual respect, and peaceful coexistence, reducing the likelihood of conflicts and enhancing the well-being of people worldwide. Global unity also fosters cultural exchange and understanding, enriching societies with diverse perspectives and traditions.


Unity stands as a powerful force that binds individuals, communities, and nations together. It is the cornerstone of social harmony, conflict resolution, collective prosperity, and global peace. Embracing unity requires open-mindedness, empathy, and a willingness to understand and appreciate differences. By valuing unity, societies can build a brighter future founded on cooperation, compassion, and mutual respect. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, let us recognize the importance of unity in shaping a harmonious and prosperous global community.

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