Students Left in Lurch as Nursing Course Turns Out to be a Scam

A shocking case of fraud has come to light where an institute in Thane duped dozens of students in the name of a nursing course. The Udaan Institute of Education extorted over Rs 52 lakhs in fees from around 37 students but handed them fake certificates after course completion. Police have arrested one of the directors, Sunil Jha, while two others are absconding.

Students Left in Lurch as Nursing Course Turns Out to be a Scam
Students Left in Lurch as Nursing Course Turns Out to be a Scam

Students Claim they Were Given Fake Certificates

The Udaan Institute of Education in Kalyan collected fees worth around Rs 52 lakhs from nearly 37 students but gave them fake certificates when the course ended. Police have registered a case and arrested the director, while two others are still at large. The aggrieved girl students allege the certificates given to them were bogus.

Hefty Fees Charged, No Internship Provided

Student Riddhi Indulkar said they had enrolled for a 3-year General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) course, which also includes 6 months of compulsory internship. “We were told the internship would be provided at Fortis Hospital in Kalyan. But we did not get any internship. Now after 3 years, they have given us a certificate which does not even mention GNM. It just says Advanced Diploma in Patient Care, meaning a care taker who changes diapers,” she said.

Students Say They Were Not Shown Results

Another student, Soni Jaiswal said, “We are in the final year but they have not shown us the results of the first and second year. Now they are demanding fees for the third year. My seniors have been given fake third year certificates on which actors’ photos are visible upon scanning instead of our registration details.”

Allegations of Police Shielding the Accused

Shockingly, even after the fraud came to light, police dilly-dallied in filing a case. It was only after intervention from the local corporator that an FIR was lodged. But by then the institute directors had already absconded. Corporator Mahesh Gaikwad said the police kept refusing to file a case for several days. Each student was charged Rs 1.5 to 2 lakhs in fees, he said.

Police Confirm Fake Certificates Issued

Senior Police Inspector Shrinivas Deshmukh of Mahatma Phule Police Station said, “We have registered a case based on complaint of one of the girls. Sunil Jha, who is the director of Udaan Institute, has been arrested while search is on for two others. So far, 37 students have submitted complaints of being given fake certificates.”

Future of Students in Jeopardy

The future of these students is in jeopardy as the institute has extorted hefty fees but not provided proper certificates, leaving their nursing careers in limbo. The police must ensure such institutes who play with students’ future are shut down permanently. Action should also be taken against officials responsible for the delay in filing the FIR, which allowed the accused to escape initially.

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