Students Need Not Give Board Exams Twice a Year: Education Minister

The Education Ministry had recently announced conducting board exams twice a year under the new National Curriculum Framework (NCF). This has led to confusion among Class 10 and 12 students regarding whether they will have to appear for both sets of exams annually. Clarifying this, Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has now said it will not be mandatory for students to write board exams twice a year.

Students Need Not Give Board Exams Twice a Year: Education Minister
Students Need Not Give Board Exams Twice a Year: Education Minister

Exam Twice a Year Not Compulsory

In August, the Education Ministry had proposed conducting Class 10 and 12 board exams twice a year under the NCF to transform the exam system, reduce emphasis on board exams and give students more chances to improve their percentage. However, students of CBSE, UP, Rajasthan, MP boards and others were unsure if this meant taking both exams was compulsory.

Putting these doubts to rest, Dharmendra Pradhan has stated that like JEE engineering entrance, 10th and 12th students will have the option of taking board exams twice a year but it will not be binding. They can choose their best score. This is purely to reduce student stress, he explained.

Choice Given to Reduce Exam Fear

Pradhan elucidated that students often get stressed thinking they lost one chance and could have performed better. So to eliminate fear due to single-chance pressure, the option of two board attempt is being given. “But nothing will be mandatory. If a student is fully prepared and satisfied with the first exam score, he/she can choose not to take the next one,” he said.

NCF Proposes Two Board Exams

As per the NCF announced in August by the Ministry, board exams will be held twice annually to ensure students get sufficient time and opportunities to perform best and have the option of maintaining their highest score.

‘Dummy Schools’ Issue Cannot Be Ignored

The minister also stated the issue of ‘dummy schools’ cannot be brushed aside anymore and needs serious deliberation. Such students form a very small percentage of total student strength. The Centre is working to ensure students do not need coaching.

Students Take Admission in Hometowns, Study in Kota

Students preparing for NEET and JEE take admission in schools in their hometowns but go to Kota etc. for coaching. They don’t attend full-time school and directly appear for board exams.

Lack of Schooling May Impact Overall Development

Pradhan said many experts have highlighted that not attending school regularly could impede students’ overall personality development and make them isolated and stressed. The ‘dummy schools’ issue has been raised by various specialists.

While students now have clarity that taking board exams twice a year will be optional, issues like ‘dummy schooling’ need the government’s attention to ensure holistic quality education.

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